My first post!

Hello fellow worms!

So I realize that’s a strange way to start my potential long-term blog, but to be fair I’m never any good at introductions. Of course I realize that worms won’t be reading this blog, but did you know that 2 in 3 people have a worm inside of them? Odds are many people reading this have a worm (hence the worm greeting). But this blog isn’t about worms, its honestly just something I intend on doing in free time away from worm studies and other stressful classes in college. In general, this blog is just whatever interests me, and maybe interest somebody else? Who knows, maybe literally no one will read this except myself, but honestly I don’t mind. Blogs are a cool way to track your life and overall trends, and (if anything) future me will read this blog!.. I hope someone else sees this.. if so, do you know if you have a worm? I know, its such a great conversation starter, it literally applies to everyone you meet. Anyways, this blog is going to be a little peepshow into my mind, so enjoy. Say hi to your worm for me!


30 thoughts on “My first post!

  1. Haha your blog is very interesting 🙂
    //Though the thought of a worm wriggling inside me is terrifying//
    I’m gonna binge read your posts now…

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  2. Thanks for the follow, gorgeous! ❤
    Followed back!
    Your blog is very funky and you are a pretty gurl!
    Stay awesome and hope the new year started awesome!

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  3. “Do you have a worm inside you?” apparently isn’t such a great conversation starter. I just tried. “What’s wrong with you?” was the usual reply. 3/3 people I asked responded this way.

    Nonetheless, you have an interesting blog. Looking forwardto read more posts. 🙂

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    1. I studied them briefly a few months ago and from what I remember, you can only paralyze the worm with drugs and it will come out the fecal way. Kind of disturbing but sometimes the worm will come out in segments that are pretty long. Haha yah they’re very interesting if you don’t get disgusted by them easily.

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