Little Fall Bits and Bobs

Hello fellow worms!

Fall is officially in full swing! No shock here, but I love fall! I think the majority of people can agree that fall is just such a pleasant time of the year. The leaves become perfect for stepping on, the weather gets bearable again after months of heat, and you get to enjoy a few seasonal bits and bobs!

When the season first started, I really was not that into it for some reason. This might be due to the fact that California never gets any weather, but I just wasn’t feeling the usual fall charm. It didn’t hit me until I went to Disneyland and smelled the gingerbread scent in on the Nightmare Before Christmas ride. All of a sudden my mind went full out fall, and I haven’t been the same since. Because of this odd, sudden love for the overwhelming scent of gingerbread, I was determined to get a gingerbread candle this year, which I got today!

“Heavily Fragranced” is right you beautiful candle you

It’s going to get lit…I’m sorry I had to. To be honest, candles really are not my thing. I have one candle besides this one, and I never light it because it gives me headaches, so why I instantly thought I needed this ridiculous gingerbread candle is beyond me (I blame fall fever). But I have no regrets because it is everything I wanted in a tacky fall candle! There’s literally no shame in this purchase, even if the smell is crazy overpowering, I don’t mind! After this purchase I thought of a few little things that make fall so charming, and so I’ve decided to make a list. This short list is coming from a very frugal person mind you, so they should all be relatively cheap. Enjoy!


  1. Orange Attire

Image result for cat pumpkin costume

The goal is to look like a pumpkin. When people see you, they’ll think Wow is that a pumpkin? Oh my god they’re gourdous. Believe me, it works every time.

2) The First PSL of the Season

Image result for pumpkin spice latte starbucks

To me, going through fall without having at least one pumpkin spice latte from starbucks is a season wasted. Since I’m pretty frugal, I’ve only had one all season ($3 during happy hour since I’m such a cheapskate) and I intend to keep it that way. Actually, my stomach felt a little off after drinking it, but I’d do it again next fall. As ridiculous as this sounds, I feel like PSL’s are mandatory for fall, and I love it  (no matter if they’re a bit too artificial for my stomach to handle). Fuck it, it’s fall!

3) Berry Lips

Image result for elf berry lips

Personally, I love these matte lippies from elf. They’re super affordable, cruelty free, and look nice (a cheapo make-up lover’s dream). Fall is the perfect excuse to wear out some darker lips in general. I know I get in the occasional rut of not caring what I look like (aka my life right now) but why not glam it up this season?

4) Any Boots

After months of summer heat, it’s about time we get to wear our favorite boots again. I’ll be wearing my Doc Martens as soon as my feet won’t melt off, but honestly any pair of boots will do. Doesn’t matter how mucked up they are, boots are boots. We all know the main purpose of wearing shoes in fall is to step on all the crackling leaves, so pick your favorite pair and get stomping!

5) Fall Movies

Image result for disney halloweentown movies

Last but not least, you have to have some solid fall movies. I know I’ll definitely be seeing some old Disney Halloweentown movies when it gets closer to Halloween. If those cheesy movies don’t suit you, scary movies are always fun to watch during fall. Although I haven’t seen a ton of scary movies, I do like the Conjuring and Saw movies. They’re just scary enough for me, without making a lasting impression. If you’re not one for super scary movies, Netflix has some good movies in between cheesy and scary that probably won’t give you nightmares. Getting a group of friends together usually makes scary movies a lot less scary and more entertaining, so I highly suggest watching them with others if you get scared easily.

I hope this short list of things gets you in the fall spirit! What things do you identify with fall? I’ll be sniffing my ridiculous candle literally all season so bye.



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