Moody Tunes

Based off the Daily Prompt: Moody

Hey worms,

Nothing in this world makes me moodier than listening to the Smiths for hours.
(shout out to “suicide-is-my-father” because that’s the moodiest shit I’ve ever seen)

I love how they sound and their lyrics but I feel straight up moody af when I listen to them. This makes it really confusing when people ask me to pick a song off my phone to play in a group setting because my music taste is strictly Britney fucking Spears or The mood-killer Smiths. This means I usually end up saying something along the lines of “Oh, haha, I don’t have any music on my phone” or some other random excuse that will make the attention go far faaaar away from my music taste. I’ve always had a bit of a weird music taste that my best friend has always teased me about. But what can I say, at some point I thought Baby Metal was so cool I could die. If you don’t know Baby Metal, please don’t look it up because I will actually be so incredibly embarrassed. I mean even the name makes me want to cringe for a million years. But ultimately, my music taste has always consisted of moody tunes and my home girl Britney. At the moment, the Smiths are who I’m losing my mind to, so if you want to do the same, go right ahead.

I guess my mood drastically alters according to what music I’m currently listening to.

I remember I used to yell to The Front Bottoms (once again, such a cringey name) every day when I drove to high school, and I think it honestly made me so much more angstier than my normal amount of angst at the time (throwback to that moody high school life am I right) 


…SO, who’s up for some Britney?




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