Relax Don’t Do It

Brought to you by the Daily Prompt: Relax

Hey worms!

When I read today’s prompt I instantly thought of the song Relax (don’t do it)-Frankie Goes To Hollywood. But what kind of situations would make me have to stop and tell myself “relax, don’t do it”? Well, I’m glad no one asked.

  • when the car in front of you is going so slow you tailgate
  • when its 3 am and you get the brilliant idea to text someone you are no longer in contact with
  • when someone complains to you about their first world problems like its the end of their lives and you could strangle them
  • when you argue with someone just as stubborn as you
  • when you see some dumb ass as seen on tv products that you would never normally buy, but like why not
  • when insta suggests that you follow one of your ex’s accounts
  • when your eyeliner is a little wobbly so you add another layer, and another, and another..
  • when you work as Lush and bombard me right as I enter
  • when Netflix asks if you’re still there because you are wasting your life but loving every second of it
  • when you like a shirt and they have it in every color
  • when you’re given an assignment months ahead of time before its due but know you’re still going to do it the day of
  • when they say the large size is only 50 cents more
  • when you buy a shit ton of produce to be healthy and then put it at the bottom of your fridge to never be seen again and rot
  • when you say “oh yah I can host it at my house”
  • when you say something ironically for too long and it becomes your entire vocabulary
  • when you’re about to sneeze
  • when you find a good recipe but don’t have any of the correct ingredients so you just make do with what you have
  • when you know your cat is ready to kill you but you pet her anyways
  • when a cheesy chick flick brings tears to your eyes
  • when you find an interesting book but you have a whole shelf of unread books at home
  • politics

Just remember to relax, don’t do it.






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