Fortune Telling

Inspired by the Daily Prompt: Fortune

Hi worms!

So in no way am I a fortune teller, but I’ve always been interested in the craft. How does it even work? I know you can go to a variety of little shacks that promise that they can tell you your fortune or read your palm, but what does that even mean? The only time I read my palm is when I write down homework answers. Is my palm really all that telling without ink?

Image result for palm reading guideI feel like every palm reading guide is different and there isn’t just one way of reading your palm. This also goes for those gimmicky birth stones. I could have sworn June was pearl, but some think its some light pink diamond-looking stone. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’ll accept either one with open arms, but I’m just wondering what’s real.

May be fortune telling isn’t real. May be it’s all just an act.

I often find myself watching Long Island Medium (not that what she does is exactly fortune telling but I kind of associate the two crafts in the same family) and the skeptic in me says its all just scripted, like any other reality TV show. But honestly, where’s the fun in that. Even when I see mediums mess up and awkwardly try to recover so the customer doesn’t go ape shit on them, I try to believe that its not just a money scam.

Image result for thats so raven gif

So may be I choose to be naïve, but I’m a true believer in ignorance is bliss. Whether its a full out psychic reading or a fortune cookie, hit me up.

-AlliImage result for fortune cookie


11 thoughts on “Fortune Telling

    1. Thanks so much! And it’s actually super easy to start and perfect for getting inspiration! Basically if you go to the link attached to the prompt (or search daily post) it’ll take you to the daily word prompt page and then there are directions from there(: if you’re still having troubles feel free to ask!

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  1. Aha. Yes. I like the hollywood medium too. I have been to many psychic readings. Some people can know your situation so well. But the prediction don’t really come true. I feel the future is constantly changing based on what you do now. So no one can really predict it. I went into to such a state of panick when I got certain predictions. This was very unhealthy because I couldn’t think clearly after hearing my predictions.

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      1. Hehe.. its good that you don’t. It doesn’t really help knowing a supposed future which may not even happen. It only put you into a state of panick and impatience. I think at times my decisions were coloured by the readings I had, thinking that I knew exactly what will happen. But I was wrong in some cases. I am now learning to live in the present moment and just have faith things will work out just fine. 🙂 I started meditating to calm my mind after all the anxiety I developed going to readings too often. ( Obviously I went too deep into it.)

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