Christmas Light Show

Inspired by Daily Post: Enthusiasm

Hey worms!

So I was out and about with my beau and we wanted to see some Christmas lights (after all it is the most wonderful time of the year). Of course I see some decorations around my neighborhood and all, but I wanted more. See, I wasn’t quite in the Christmas spirit yet and I felt like I really needed a big slap in the face by Old Saint Nick himself. But he was busy, so I quickly searched where I could see amazing Christmas lights and my wildest dreams came true. I found this website dedicated to finding the true Christmas lovers’ homes that are covered with lights. It’s like when you watch those TV shows on the top ten craziest houses for Christmas, but this is real life! So I got directions to the nearest one and we were on our merry way.

And let me tell you, I’ve never seen people so enthusiastic about Christmas lights.img_2077img_2069img_2088img_2071

Not only was the house magical, but everyone that was there for the lights were so nice and cheerful (I mean how could you not be when there is a giant LED Christmas tree that lit up images that went along with the music playing outside). The tree alone made me feel like I was a kid again. Lyrics would pop up and whatever the lyrics said would be lit on the tree (for example, one of the songs mentioned pumpkin pie and the tree actually lit up a pumpkin pie). The rest of the house was amazing as well, with a light up Santa coming out of the chimney every time you pressed a classic, big red button. There were also some typical decorations (like glow up deer), except they placed so many out that it was anything but typical.

Before I saw this house, I had little to no cheer about Christmas. I didn’t believe in the Christmas spirit. I only saw in black and white. I was a lost soul.

But now, CHRISTMAS BRING IT ON BB! I am only listening to holiday music. I see in color. I’ve been reborn. (it’s literally just lights but I’m so excited)

Anyways, I really encourage everyone to go out and see some real deal, die hard Christmas lights before the season is over. You’ll never be more enthused in your entire life.




5 thoughts on “Christmas Light Show

  1. So many Christmas lights!! When the lights in our town get switched on, there’s a huge celebration with rides, glowsticks, candy floss, a stall for petting reindeer… So Christmas cheer has really come to life with the lights!

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      1. I felt a little sorry for them though – they were only baby reindeer and had little fuzzy antlers, but they were kept in a little pen with a fence around it, and only had a little straw to eat! Hopefully they are kept well for the rest of the year…

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