Fireplace Thoughts


Inspired by Daily Post: Calm

Hi worms,

Today was a great day. I had breakfast with some friends, saw Rogue One (which was very good for someone who isn’t particularly a big fan of Star Wars movies), and came home to my warm home to watch Christmas Vacation (my family’s traditional Christmas movie).

While today was great, it was also raining today, which kind of stresses me out. I lament driving in the rain and being out in the cold; I just don’t do well in cold weather. I really wish I loved it like the majority of people do, but I just can’t get behind cold, blue toes all day long. This being said, I don’t like staying inside when I’m on break because sometimes it feels like I just waste time doing absolutely nothing at home. For this reason, I’m forced to go out in the cold.

However, when I get home and I see my fireplace on (literally turned on with a switch since its electric), I instantly become calm. I love my fireplace so much. Although I usually forget my house even has one, when winter comes along, I can’t imagine life without it. It’s so warm and calming, I can just sit on the ground and relax after being out all day in the cold. And that’s exactly what I did today when I got home!


Even my cat joined me for a little while to warm up (before my mom bribed her with tuna in the next room over). There’s something so inviting about the heat from a fireplace, it’s kind of like getting a hug.

Also, the holidays are coming up fast! It’s important to stay calm before the craziness that comes with the holidays. In the mean time, I’m thinking I’ll be spending much more time by the fireplace and just chill out (or actually the exact opposite).



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