How to get Platinum Blonde Hair (the journey)

Hey worms!

So shocker my natural hair color isn’t platinum blonde. I know I know, so shocking. But the dying process was a real bitch so I just want to warn a girl (or guy) who wants platinum blonde hair that it’s not so easy. I also want to make it clear that I’m not a hair professional, just someone who has gotten their hair dyed multiple colors (all somewhat natural) and has been through the process too many times to count. This is just my experience, don’t quote me on anything(:

First of all, the level of difficulty is hugely dependent on how healthy you want to keep your hair. Of course your hair is going to hate getting bleached a ton and getting dyed, but the longer the process is, the better shape your hair will be in. However, if you’re impatient like me, this can be very annoying and at some point you’ll give literally no shits about the integrity of your hair. But trust me, the longer you stretch the process and give your hair time to recuperate, the better your hair will feel. Also, your hair could fall out if it’s overdone so chill out. Personally, I went the long route to keep my hair a bit more healthy.

The process of dying my hair to platinum blonde from a dirty blonde took around a month, with 3 sessions at the salon (each around 3-4 hours long). If you trust yourself with dying your own hair, go right ahead, but personally I would never be able to (once again, too impatient). This is my hair to start off with: (Also don’t mind these ridiculous selfies haha)034

The first session at the salon was straight up bleaching my hair hard core to see how light we could get it. However, anyone who has bleached their hair before knows that it comes out yellow. Toners can fix this, and they did for me, which looked nice afterwards. After a while though, it started to oxidize and it began to go back to the hideous bleach yellow.                   img_0307

The second session was meant to make my hair more platinum blonde rather than light yellow. According to my hairdresser (who I trust with my life), she used a less harmful product to lighten my hair (versus bleach that’s super damaging), however I had a really bad allergic reaction to it and we had to get it off immediately (which meant the color would come out wrong). My scalp felt like it was on fire and I kept asking if it was supposed to itch, and everyone said “Somewhat, yes”. I had no idea how bad it was (even though it stung like a bitch), I just figured beauty is pain.


At this time, my hairdresser had a rather rough assistant that did not take it easy on my already-sore scalp when washing the product out. Overall, this experience was the worst one I had ever had at the salon. My roots were still pretty yellow since the product couldn’t stay in, but I thought the ends weren’t looking too bad.

All this being said, at this point in my life, hair is just hair. Even though I wasn’t completely happy with the outcome, I still didn’t mind it. As long as life’s good, hair doesn’t really matter. So I took another week off from the salon to heal my scalp and make sure my hair had time to recuperate.


Finally, the third session had come along after another long week of waiting. We went back to bleach and toner, which didn’t aggravate my scalp and it turned out even nicer than expected. I had finally achieved the platinum blonde look. I also had to cut a lot of my length off, since even though we had taken the time to let my hair rest, my ends were so unbelievably dead. To be fair, my ends were dead before this whole platinum blonde adventure, so it was simply time to let go of my length. My mom and my hairdresser were more sad about losing the length than I was though. I was ready for that short hair lifestyle!


But, of course, a month after I finally achieved platinum blonde, I wanted to go back to dark brown. I guess I’m always changing it up. However, some common sense has stayed with me, so I haven’t acted out and changed my hair recently. Now I’ve been platinum blonde for a few months and I’m still very in love with the color. I just got my roots done again (bleach and toner) so I’ll be having this color for a while longer. To anyone considering going on this hair adventure, I just want to say it’s possible with any hair color as long as you are dedicated. A girl at the same salon was going from dark brown/black to platinum blonde, and although it took longer, she did get the color eventually. (She also dedicated so much time in that salon, she practically lived there). Also, I repeat, each session took around 3-4 hours, so this is definitely not something to just do on a whim.

But hey, I love my platinum blonde hair and I support anyone who wants to go through the process, too! And if you happen to be one of those perfect people that is naturally platinum blonde, I envy you. I love you, but I envy you.

Good luck to all those who are going to go for it!



21 thoughts on “How to get Platinum Blonde Hair (the journey)

  1. Hey Alli! The hair suits you!

    I’ve got dark brown, almost black hair and at this point I’m so bored with it and I’ve been wanting to dye it for ages, I just don’t know what would look good and I’m so scared to try because for me, hair is love, hair is life 😛

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    1. Haha thank you! I have a friend with the same situation (wanting to dye her hair but it’s really dark). She tried out that ombré style and it looked amazing! I think that’s a good look to start out with and looks good on everyone(: you could definitely rock it


  2. Omg I love your hair. It looks really good on you, dark brown is also a beautiful color, so good choice, but after spending so much time on your hair, maybe you should wait for a little more. I also prefer short hair, which I have right now, it also looks really good on you!! Well done! *claps*
    I’ve been wanting to have platinum blond hair/ or just pure white hair since about 3 years ago, but I’m only 14 and my parents would never let me do it so I guess I hate to wait for other 4 years, maybe? Or maybe I’ll change my mind when I reach that age LOL XD
    I loved this post!! XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment! I agree that I should embrace the platinum for a while before switching(: and yah you never know what you’ll want in 4 years! May be the trend will be rainbow mohwak! Thanks again bb<3

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re very welcome!! XD
        And yeah, I envy you for having such lovely hair, you should embrace it for a while!! XD
        And yeah, the rainbow trend would be really cool!! And no problem again!! ❤

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