Movie Theater Etiquette

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Hi worms!

So I’ve been going to the movie theater a lot lately (Rogue One, LaLa Land, Passengers) and I feel like some people just don’t understand how movie theaters work. Now I know its not their fault that they don’t understand how to politely watch a movie, it’s just that no one has bothered to teach them. It’s just when people pay $13 to watch a 2 hour movie, it would be appreciated if everyone was on the same page. Here’s a few things that I’ve come up with that some may relate to when it comes to watching the big screen, because we’ve all been there, biting our tongues not to lose it on someone during an important part in the movie:

  • How about we actually watch the movie? (This is something an older man once told me and my middle school friends when we were talking during the movie, which pissed us off at the time, but really we should’ve shut up)(I feel like that old man now)(great)
  • If your child is unfit to watch a movie (for example crying, screaming, running around the theater, yelling at inappropriate times) try going to the front of the theater, where no one will hear you. Their sound will travel forward and if no one is sitting in front of you or next to you, we should all be good. Or you know, just take the child outside. Just a thought.
  • Open your candy before the movie starts. It’s fine if you’re at a dinner and a movie type of place where everyone is eating, but if it’s silent keep it silent.
  • If you’re watching a musical (and it is not premier night), please do not clap after every song. The performers can’t hear you, and you’re annoying everyone around you so stop.
  • Premier nights are the only nights where standing ovations are cool.
  • Genuine responses from the movie are always welcome, inappropriate reactions and yelling random comments are not. So please laugh when its funny, but when it’s serious, chill out. In addition, people don’t pay for your commentary, so leave that for afterwards with your friends.
  • If the movie theater does not have elevated seating, do NOT sit directly in front or in back of a group if it can be avoided! It just makes you a douche.

Now while this is a somewhat long list, that kind of seems rant-ish, I do want to point out things that are totally okay at the movie theater for those who are a little too uptight (aka old man at first bullet point):

  • Talking before the movie starts is totally fine! I know some get peeved about people talking over trailers, but you can always watch trailers at home. The trailer time at the movie theater is a little bumper for late-comers to come! So chill out, bite your tongue, and wait until the movie starts.
  • People getting up during the movie is fine. That’s the price you pay when you see a movie in the theaters. I will say though, if they keep getting up over and over, then it’s not okay. You have a right to be peeved then.
  • People eating during the movie is kind of okay. I say kind of because if they chew with their mouth open, I lose it. But, in general, eating is fine.

Lastly, I want to remind people that getting an employee or manager involved with any of these issues is usually unnecessary. It just makes it more uncomfortable for the staff and everyone involved, including you. So although you may bite your tongue during most of the movie, you would most-likely regret actually taking action against these people, who usually don’t understand what they are dong wrong in the first place. And yes, while many want to educate them right there on the spot (*cough cough* old man), it only makes everyone upset and the movie is no longer enjoyable. As long as you’re a polite movie-watcher, you’re doing your part. That’s all you can really do.

Personally, I laugh when people in the theater act dumb like this. I mean of course I get frustrated, but then I remember when I was that person in middle school. In the end, it’s not the end of the world if you can’t hear a line or two, or if someone chews with their mouth open in the movie theater because if you’re in a movie theater life’s pretty good.

By the way, Rogue One, LaLa Land, and Passengers are all great so go hit them up.





10 thoughts on “Movie Theater Etiquette

  1. I admit, I went to concessions to tattle only once on the way to the bathroom, and that’s because some jerk decided it’d be a great idea to light up a doobie in the back of the theater, and the smell of course drifted down to the few of us well in front of him. They didn’t confront him, but kept popping in and out, and I guess he figured they could smell it and left. The smell finally died down and we could enjoy the movie without the interruption.

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