2017 Resolutions

Hi worms!

It’s around that time of year again (aka the end/beginning) where people make resolutions for the new year and say GOOD RIDDANCE to the last. Personally, I see resolutions as goals and not things that are mandatory. I probably see them this way so I’ll actually try to act on them, because I don’t like doing things that are forced on me. Anyways, this last year I didn’t have many resolutions (Iย did switch to all cruelty free make-up though, which I’m pretty proud of)ย simply because the year before I had sooooo many and worked my ass off to do every one! So now that I’ve spent an off-year just living my life as it goes with some little goals here and there, I’m ready to have some new, big goals. I think it’s healthy to do this whole resolutions thing with a grain of salt and realize you’re not perfect and you might not accomplish every goalย  (and that’s perfectly fine!). These are just a few things I hope I do in the new year, if not then there’s really no harm. Like my parents always tell me, all you can do is try your best. What doesn’t happen doesn’t matter.

Any who, let’s get down to these resolutions!

  1. Be more accepting of new people. While I do consider myself for the most part to be accepting, I realize I can shut out new people. This can also come across as being stand-offish (something I really despise being seen as). So let’s be more welcoming and try our best to let others in a bit.
  2. Go on a trip with friends. I’ve tried to plan friend trips so many times, but I always end up abandoning the idea completely. I usually get intimidated by the time and effort it takes to plan such trips, and to be honest I get too lazy to plan bigger trips. So I hope to go on a trip this upcoming year with some friends! May be camping, going to Seattle to see an old friend, or just traveling up the California coast.
  3. Get that tattoo. I’ve been wanting a specific tattoo for a little over a year now, but I’m nervous about how my family will respond to getting a tattoo. Also, I’m a bit nervous to go to a tattoo shop just to get a little tattoo (I feel like they expect you to get something big and legit, but I just want something small on my inner ankle lol).
  4. Continue to blog. I just started this blog, not expecting much to come out of it, but I really enjoy it. Not only do I really like writing whatever, but the community is so lovely. I have had so many encounters with amazing people over this past month, and I feel like I’m genuinely becoming a better, happier person from it. To set a specific goal, I hope I can reach 100 followers in the new year! I feel like I can do this if I really try, but I don’t want to set an unachievable, bigger goal.
  5. Survive college. This first semester was a real killer, but I don’t want to give up. Luckily, this winter break has really motivated me to keep on chugging through school. I’m looking at around 5 years of this, so I better get my shit together. To future me: good luck.
  6. Keep trying new things. New foods, new activities, new situations, new places, new people, new everything! Be adventurous in this new year, because same old same old gets boring quick!

Good luck to everyone for 2017! What resolutions are you going for this upcoming year?


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43 thoughts on “2017 Resolutions

  1. I definitely agree with 1! I’m so anxious about meeting new people because I’m happy with the friends I’ve got and don’t want it to get messed up but half the time they aren’t bad people! Such a good post ๐Ÿ˜š

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  2. I loved this post!! XD I agree 100% with all you’ve said. I also want to hang out more with my friends, we were supposed to hang out over the holidays – but the only time we did was at one of my friend’s birthday party. ๐Ÿ˜›
    I definitely wanna try new things as well, I just don’t know what! Oh, and good luck in college, you’ll do very well!!
    Again, amazing post! XD
    PS. What tattoo are you planning to get, if I may ask?

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    1. Exactly! We’re on the same page haha every time I think of trying new things I always think of skydiving but I’m hella scared soo idk haha. Also my tattoo would be a little outline of a gear on the inside of my ankle(: It goes with one of my favorite quotes โค

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  3. I just found your blog, but I love it! these are all really cute goals. (Side note: I just got my first tattoo and they’ll be totally cool about it. especially as its on your foot which is PAINFUL AF.) Good luck for 2017!

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  4. Wow! Your New Years Resolutions are so unique! I like the one about going on a trip with friends! Even if I’m only 10 in fifth grade, it could still be an option in the futur!!๐Ÿ˜Š

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  5. These are great resolutions! I’ve been on a couple friend trips and though the planning part can be a little stressful (especially if you can’t agree on where you want to stay or how much you want to spend just on lodging), it’s totally worth it! This past summer my two best friends and I hiked the Grand Canyon purely on a whim and I feel like it really strengthened our relationship.
    In my experience, tattoo places don’t really care if you just want a small tattoo as long as you’re willing to pay the shop minimum, which can get a bit pricey. My best friend got a tattoo on her finger and paid the same amount as I did for a quote on my forearm simply because that was the shop minimum. Hopefully that helps you a bit ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. That trip sounds awesome! And yah thank you for the tattoo feedback(: I really appreciate it! Idk I just feel a little weird about it, but I guess that’s how it is until I actually go haha


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