4 Days in Big Bear

Hey worms!

So like I mentioned in my last Cee’s photo challenge, I was in Big Bear! If you don’t know what Big Bear is, it’s pretty much the main place in California to go for snow. That’s right, California has weather (sometimes, occasionally, you know). I have family up there, so I’m very lucky to be able to go whenever I have free time(: To be honest, 2 days were pretty much just getting up and down the mountain but like chill.

Any who, this is my trip day by day!

Day 1 (10.29.16)

Of course we left around mid day, but got to Big Bear later that night. This was when we were racing the temperature so we wouldn’t get stuck driving up the mountain on ice and snow. I think we all felt very relieved when we got to the peak and it was only 38 degrees Fahrenheit (6 degrees away fro freezing). So we were good! Although the ride was a little stressful, we got there safe and sound! (We also got In-n-Out down the hill so really it was a perfectly fine last meal if we did drive off a cliff and die lol too real)

Day 2 (10.30.16)

The night before, my boyfriend and I decided to sleep in a walk in closet, since all the rooms were taken and the attic was freezing, but that was a terrible decision. It was so hot, since there was barely any ventilation, I had to leave the room a few times in the middle of the night to chill out by the freezing windows. So we barely slept. Also my boyfriend had developed a cold literally on the way up the mountain, so he was completely out of it.

But we still managed to get our asses out of bed and into the cold, real world! We went down to the Village (aka the one real town-ish place in Big Bear) and everything looked so much prettier in the snow!


We even found a new store at the Village that I had never seen before! It was called Oliver’s Emporium, and it was dedicated to dog lovers! (personally I’m a cat person, but my boyfriend loves dogs so much its contagious) There was a cool polaroid wall of every dog that had ever gone to the store, along with their name and the date they were there! So cute!


Personally, my favorite was a cutie named Mishka with her tongue out(:  [boyfriend didn’t have a favorite because he loved them all]IMG_2234.JPG

Then I got some hot chocolate because I was absolutely freezing, and we hung out in this little café right before we went back to the cabin.

If you couldn’t tell, we were very tired haha(:

The rest of the day was spent with my family, playing games and telling stories. We did move on up to the attic (blasting the heater of course) and started watching Zootopia before I fell asleep haha.

Day 3 (10.31.16)

This was New Years Eve!! This was also the coldest day! The perfect temperature for horseback riding! (not at all true, but we wanted to go out and do something so what else but horses)

I was so excited to ride a horse again, since the last time I rode horses was when I was a little girl. We booked the appointment and got ready to go! Except, it was FREEZING beyond belief. I had to wear my mom’s coat on top of mine and my dad’s gloIMG_0057.JPGves on top of my own gloves haha. In the end, I still couldn’t feel anything. The wind was the real killer. While we were freaking out over being completely numb, the horses were chill as fuck. Obviously, it wasn’t their first time in the cold haha. My horse was named Cinco and his horse was named Maverick, and let me tell you Cinco is now the love of my life (I mean can you see him sticking his tongue out in the picture? He’s a real heartbreaker with the ladies, I can just tell). So we rode through a little forest, through some snow and up hills (very much like a movie). I felt bad because the horses would trip over some rocks, but then again they literally couldn’t care less haha so chill. As we rode, I could tell Cinco was an older horse because 1) he started huffing and puffing on one of the first hills, and 2) I could tell he was meant for smaller people because they specifically picked our horses for our height and weight, and there was a tiny child on Cinco before me. It’s totally cool though, because he was a smart horse. He would watch the two horses in front of him trip on rocks and he would slow down a little, take his time, and ride smoothly. We asked the guide at the end how old the horses were and she said her horse (Flash) was 12 or 13, Maverick was 12, and Cinco was 20! That’s my man!

When we got off the horses, our knees and my feet were real sore, something I never felt as a kid haha. Oh well, I guess Cinco isn’t the only one aging.

Once we got home, and felt our limbs again, we watched the end of Zootopia (which we really liked, I recommend it! I mean its on Netflix, so why not?). Then we forced ourselves to stay up until midnight, and then banged pots and pans for the new year! Also, it snowed big time!

Happy New Year! I can tell it’s going to be a good one because I slipped down some stairs and tripped in the first minute of it. I wish I was joking.

Day 4 (1.1.17)

That’s one of the first times I’ve typed 2017, still so strange to me. Anyways, this was the day we were leaving): We did get to wake up to a white New Year, though!

The journey back home was very long, filled with traffic and struggling to find a place to eat without a 2 hour wait! Who knew the first day of the year would be so hectic?

Anyways, now I’m home and so happy to be home. While I love going out and about, there’s something so comforting about staying home and doing absolutely nothing. (may be that’s just me)

Have a wonderful day! (whether your home, or out and about) ❤





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