Ice Skating + Boba (1.11.17)

Hi worms!

So yesterday I hung out with some new and old friends. Meeting new people is always a struggle for me, but when I’m around my old friends it makes tIMG_2508.JPGhe whole social-thing a lot more bearable. We went to get boba and something different happened. When I got my tea the girl behind the counter told me, “you are a very beautiful human being”. Mind you, I’m not used to nice strangers being directly nice to me (how unfortunate lol) so I freaked out and basically yelled “AW THANK YOU SO MUCH”. When I say I yelled, like I literally echoed in the small café. Everyone heard and looked at me like I was insane (to be fair they’re not all wrong). Kill me. Also, I’m a quiet person for the most part so I didn’t even know I had that in me. At least it happened before meeting new people. A little while after I realized how sadly uncommon it is for people to be outwardly nice to others. I mean its easy to be nice in the sense of smiling at someone when you make eye contact, or holding the door open a little longer for someone behind you, but big whoop. Why is it so rare to hear a stranger compliment you? And I don’t mean like ‘I like your shoes’ (because thanks me too), but complimenting someone on who they actually are. I don’t know, may be I’m looking to into it. Compliment people, damnit!

Any who, we went ice skating after boba and it was so much fun! Even though we all sucked at the beginning, we felt pretty confident at the end. There were crazy little kids who could twirl and go on one leg, wimg_0166hich was way out of our skill level but looked like a good time. I fell a solid two times, and am currently sitting on a very sore bum. The first time was a really hard fall straight on my bum with no help/damage control from my arms. I blame that first fall for my current pain lol. And of course the second fall was right at the end when I was feeling a little too confident for my own good (or rather my butt’s own good). Even with the couple of falls, it was a great time! It reminded me of my childhood when I took a couple of lessons and really loved it. I wish I could go ice skating everyday! (but like $19 a day, bish come on)

In these pictures you can see a woman fall in the background. We died laughing when we realized, and she actually died. (just kidding, that would be awful). Also, shoutout to that rando raising up double peace signs. You’re my role model.

I relate to this poor woman so much. Rip. Forever in our hearts. Too real?



20 thoughts on “Ice Skating + Boba (1.11.17)

      1. WOW that sounds interesting! I haven’t tried different types of tea apart from black tea, would like to try it! 😀 Glad you had a good time!

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  1. Haha…great post. It can be hard to get compliments sometimes right? Honestly I’m better in giving compliments than receiving them 😊 The compliment for you was well deserved though. It’s great that you had such a good time! 😀

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  2. Lol, I know what you mean about the compliment thing; I was in the grocery store once, and I kept looking in those mirror things at the end of the aisles because I was self conscious about my extreme curly hair, when an elderly man came up to me and said that I shouldn’t be self conscious and that I’m fine the way I am (kinda creepy I guess, but I started laughing ridiculously lol!) Love the pictures you took; great post! ❤ 😀

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