One Lovely Blog Award (1.20.17)

Hey worms!

So earlier this week the absolutely wonderful blogger Aqsa nominated me for this lovely (literally) award! If you haven’t checked out Aqsa before, she’s super sweet and posts fun things like these type of awards, rants, and collabs(:

As far as this award goes…

The rules of this award are:one-lovely-blog

  • Thank the person that nominated you and leave a link to their blog
  • Post about the award
  • Share 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate at most 15 people
  • Tell your nominees the good news!


Honestly, this sounds a lot like the Versatile Blogger Award , but I bet I can come up with 7 more things about myself. So if you’re interested, keep on reading!

  1. I was born a redhead. My hair later changed to more of a dirty blonde, but I dyed it red in high school because I wanted to connect with my baby self (not really lol- I did dye it but not for that reason) (babies weird me out) (I bet baby me was weirded out by herself) (okay continue)
  2. I could’ve been named Madison, but my parents claim I looked more like an Allison when I was born (even though all babies look the same, weird and chubby) (but yah, yah totally) (I’m dying laughing right now, this is no shade to my parents lol).
  3. I broke my wrist when I was a kid (probably like 10?) because I was being a spunky, little twerp and decided to kick down my neighbors’ Christmas decorations while riding on a scooter (the equivalent of a drive-by as a child HAHA), but my foot got caught in a wire and I flew off. Don’t be petty, kids.
  4. When it’s cold outside, I literally cry. Mind you, I get cold very easily (my toes will literally go blue) so I find myself crying in public quite a bit, even though I’m totally fine. That’s me, Toughy Mgee. (I just wanted to rhyme, pls don’t beat me up)
  5. I used to do gymnastics as a kid (said every girl ever lol), but the day I could no longer climb all the way to the top of the rope I quit. (aka me throwing away years of being a sporto because I got lazy one day. ONE DAY.) (but like I’d still do that today) (little me knew whats good)
  6. I have so much poetry from eighth grade me being ‘heart broken’ because her crush just wanted to be friends. (Some classics such as “Love Hurts”, “I would do anything for you”, “Hope you feel better than me”, and more that I won’t mention because I have some dignity and 8th grade me is salty from puberty)
  7. I’ve had around 7 surgeries in my mouth over the course of 2 years because my teeth were fucked. Fun fact, one of those surgeries put an actual screw in the roof of my mouth, which later slowly screwed out of my gum while I was at Niagra Falls. Painful, yes. Another fun fact, it started unscrewing after I chugged a chocolate milk ‘too hard’, so yeah I’m really a good time.

HAHA okay so that was a lot. I feel like this award got a little more personal than the Versatile Blogger Award, but that one has some more facts about me if you’re interested (how could you not be more interested, I’m- not going to finish that haha).

So now comes the nominations, which I’m feeling a little odd about since I feel like I nominate a huge list of people every time, but this one says 15 at most, and I’m not even sure who wants to be nominated and who doesn’t so I’m going to try my best people. If you want to be nominated and haven’t been, assume I have nominated you and go for it.

And the nominees are:

This gif actually kills me



So that was that! I had a lot of fun posting this and I laughed so much while typing it up, so thank you Aqsa for the nomination! Hopefully you guys laughed a little, too(: ❤




26 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award (1.20.17)

  1. Congratulations on getting yet another well deserved nomination, and ofcourse thank you very much for nominating me. As I have now been nominated three times for awards that tell me to share 7 things about me (lol) I have pretty much run out of things to say. But as I said, I appreciate the nomination 😊 Loved reading your post, keep up the great work you are doing 😀

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  2. Your story about breaking your wrist is just about as embarrassing as mine.

    I was 16, I had PE class first thing in the morning, and while I was in the gym waiting for attendance to be taken, I noticed that the basketball hoops were down, and there was a folding chair against the wall. I am taller than average, but I have absolutely no basketball skills (other than going to games and cheering really loud for a team that hasn’t had a winning season in a decade); my brother got all the actual basketball talent in our family, despite being an inch shorter than me. Anyway, I put the folding chair under the hoop, ran up, jumped off the folding chair, and grabbed the hoop to make it make that doiiiiiing spring sound when someone does a slam dunk. And I kept doing that because it was fun. And then I lost my grip and fell on my wrist… yeah.

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  3. Yay congrats dear! I was thinking it sounds like the Versatile Blogger Award too. Its nice to know more about you anyway. I love both names Madison and Allison, they are both so pretty. Wow seven surgeries is a lot. I hope you are fine now ❤ ❤ Thank you so much for nominating me, I will post it next week 🙂 🙂 x x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow that sounds serious): very sorry you had to go through that bb. I’m all good now(: apparently I have a bunch of scars in my mouth but no one will ever see them, except dentists lol. I’m a bad ass haha no. And thank you for the nomination!💜

      Liked by 1 person

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