The A-Z Tag (1.21.17)

Hi worms.

So the very, very cool blogger JoT (or Rainbow Girl) has tagged me in this fun A-Z tag where I basically just write down a word for each letter of the alphabet (like A: Apple and so on) (great, now I can’t use apple, that was pure genius) (nothing will ever compare to apple) Thank you for the nomination Rainbow Girl! Much love! ❀

Anyways! I suppose I’ll just go right on ahead and get started. Also, there is commentary with every word, because I couldn’t help myself. Enjoy.

A – Alli. (truly inspiring, how does she do it folks)

B- Bum (little less inspirational, but you’ve got 24 letters to go)

C- Carpet (but does it match the drapes.) (I’m so sorry)

D- Donkey Kong (that was 2 words, but well worth it) (who am I)

E- Eagle (I dedicate this one to Stephen Colbert)

F- Fungus (:

G- Giant (lame)

H- Hit. (Just Hit. There’s no need for a ler)

I- I (ooh you think you’re so clever)

J- Jam (To all make-up people out there, My Jam by Colourpop is bomb af. Hit that ish up)

K- Kill (Once again, who am I)

L- Lint (Why do I feel proud that I thought of this word? It’s garbage) (but like same)

M- Mom (Shoutout to my main homie from day one)

N- No (Shoutout to my entire vocabulary as a tween)

O- Opal (Lets be real, this would be a cool name)

P- Pumpkin (bish it’s winter, get over that fall shit)

Q- Queue (once again, ooh you think you’re so clever)

R- Rust (ya nasty)

S- Stink (Another shoutout to tweens everywhere)

T- Tit (I’m brilliant)

U- Ugly (I’m brrlant)

V- Vag (I’m brlt)

W- Wugly (Yah this isn’t a word but that’s what I thought so it counts)

X- shut the f up

Y- YOLO (Make that a third shoutout to tweens everywhere) (Jokes on you, I’m actually a child)

Z- Zipper

That’s a good last word because I feel like I should actually zip my mouth up for a million years, those words were garbage. QUALITY CONTENT ONLY, MY FRIENDS. I actually had a lot of fun doing this and laughed quite a bit with my trash answers. Hope you guys enjoyed it too!


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