January Favorites + Update (2.7.17)

Hey worms!

So I’m alive. School hasn’t killed me (yet)(tbh it’s really not that bad), I’ve just been on sort of a blogging hiatus, which I’m sorry about. Of course, my blog has gotten a bit slower, and although I was scared about that happening back in December, I’m kind of thankful for it now. I’m not the best at keeping up with my blog but I still love it and am very proud of it. I’ve always wanted to do something like this, even if it’s only once a week. I wish I could dedicate more time to reading other blogs and supporting my people on this blogosphere, but there’s only so much you can do, ya feel? Anyways, I still love coming on and seeing what you’re all up to(: It always brightens up my day! (cheesy bitch, I know)

Any who! January was amazing and I want to share with you guys a few materialistic things that made it even better. Hope you enjoy(:

  • Earl Grey Stash Teaimg_2928

Oh my god hit me the fuck up with some of this tea. I don’t know why it’s so good or who the fuck did this but it’s amazing. Plus, it has kept me so much more hydrated than usual so I’m very grateful haha. My fam got a whole box full of this tea (it’s actually ridiculous, thanks amazon) so if anyone wants to have a tea party hit me up.


  • “A” NecklaceIMG_2944.JPG

My babe of a mom got me this necklace for Christmas and it’s so cute and simple, I freaking love it. I’m all about dainty, delicate jewelry so this is perfect for me. Plus, it matches everything I wear so I’m living for it. LIVING FOR IT.



  • Basic Bitch Shoesimg_2951

So at first I didn’t understand why these shoes were so popular, they’re literally so basic. Eventually they grew on me, but once I got them I fell in love. They’re so freaking comfy I’m losing my mind. Now that I think of it, they might be the only pair of really comfy shoes I own, no wonder I love them so much. Proud to be basic.

  • Real Techniques Spongeimg_2934

For some reason I was under the impression these sponges were somewhat expensive? I was a dumb bitch because they’re literally like $6 a sponge and if you buy them in a 2 pack (which I did because sue me) they’re $5 each. Trust me, this sponge will change your makeup game. It’s the real MVP. (btw wtf falcons why didn’t you win) (no shade patriots, I’m not even a sporto)


  • AmethystIMG_2941.JPG

How extra, but really I can’t stop staring at it. I never thought I was a shiny bitch but this amethyst has been killing the game. Every time I’m at my desk, it’s all I look at. Homework who? Life who? Amethyst, oh I know you, I know you wellllllll. (who am I)


  • Popsocket Image result for popsocket blue flower

Okay, is this necessary? No, no it’s not but I really like it. It honestly doesn’t help that much with anything but it’s a lot of fun to pop up and down when I’m bored. Plus, I’ve gotten so many comments on it, I feel so cool (lol wow).


  • Cucumber rollscuc rols.png

OH. MY. GOD. Actually all I ate in the month of January. I used to hate them but then January came and they slowly dominated my entire life. I could really go for some right now tbh.. this is a straight up addiction sos.

  • SO many sales

Who knew January was the time that all stores went on img_2960sale?? (lowkey everyone knew but me, k cool) For some reason, I was all in on shoes and bags so I’m good for another year haha. My everyday bag (black with cool lace-like detail) was only $10 at Express! It used to be $40 so I’m pumped. I also got a really holographic sparkly mini backpack but it’s not very convenient. I mean I still wear it all over but like it’s so extra kill me.

  • Anatomy Coloring Bookimg_2956

My wonderful aunt gave me this anatomy coloring book for Christmas and it has helped me SO much for my anatomy class. Something about it is so satisfying and makes me feel really accomplished in life (haha okay chill). Definitely recommend to anyone taking anatomy!


  • “I Don’t Want to Live Forever”- Zayn Malik & Taylor Swift

So this is all that I’ve been thinking of for the past couple of weeks. I’m not even a fan of either Zayn or Taylor or fifty shades, but I’m so into this song. I just listen to it on repeat (yet still get annoyed when I see the fifty shades commercials, probably because THEY’RE EVERYWHERE LIKE CHILL THE FUCK OUT but like I’m fine it’s fine).

SO that’s that. Are any of these your favorites, too? Let me know what’s good.






17 thoughts on “January Favorites + Update (2.7.17)

  1. Oh my gosh I hate all the 50 shades ads too! They’re EVERYWHERE! And I totally want a pair of those basic bitch shoes, because I wanna be basic too😂
    Enjoyed reading this post🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t really know what it is about them, but cucumber rolls ARE amazing! And the same thing happened to me with adidas: I was like, okay who cares they’re white shoes with black stripes on them. Then I bought them and was like, omg these go with every outfit, I have to wear them everyday lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I don’t even know where to begin, which aspect to comment on – you’re writing is brilliantly entertaining. I’m genuinely giggling.
    The shoes! Strangely they haven’t grown on me – I know I’m incredibly late to the party but I recently invested in Converse (how very old school). Also omg the rolls SURRENDER THEM sharing is caring and caring is love.
    I am this THIS *holds dry little hand up because it is COLD here in England* close to investing in a sponge (I currently use a brush). OOH!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HAHAHA yes bb! I’m a big fan of converse too but I destroyed mine in mud last week lol the one time I go outside😂 AND ILL SHARE MY ROLLS WITH YOU ANY DAY💜 thanks for the lovely comment!


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