Tell Me About Myself (2.17.17)

Hey worms,

So I’ve been busy with school and life and people and shit. That’s that. Sorry for not being very active. If it makes you guys feel better, I’m doing well so it’s all worth it. Honestly, I’m in a really great place and there’s not much to complain about(: I hope you all are doing flipping fantastic as well!

I’ve decided that I just want to post some pictures from my past week and you guys can decide what I’ve been doing. What is my life. Please decide for me lol.

Please make me a story of these pictures! I’m excited to read your comments(:

Make it good lol


13 thoughts on “Tell Me About Myself (2.17.17)

  1. It’s okay, we are all still here and if you write one post a month or five posts a week, it really does not matter. Life sometimes catches up with you, and is at times more important than a blog. Take good care, and thanks for sharing these pictures 😊

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  2. You were exploring a remote corner of the forest where you found a meteor that had some green glowing rock with alien superpowers inside it. When you touched the rock, you mutated and grew a second set of eyes on top of your head, and you had power to shoot pink flowers out of your face.

    Was I close?

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  3. You were out exploring the countryside when you had an Alice in Wonderland type of situation and fell into a green bath. You came out of the other side with gorgeous eye make-up and met the Cheshire Cat and took a cute selfie together! (P.s. I absolutely love this idea for a blog post, would you mind if I copied this?👀)X


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