OMAN 101 + 300 followers

Hey worms!

So one of my favorite ways of viewing my blog’s stats is seeing the map of views. I’ve always been so shocked at where my views come from. For some reason, I always thought my blog was only seen by fellow Americans (what a naïve bish am I right), and to be fair that is where the majority of my views come from. However, I’m always interested in seeing where my fewest views come from because frankly I have no idea where these places even are. I’m pretty much THE WORST when it comes to geography (ask my boyfriend who freaking adores geography) (opposites attract haha). If I’m going to be totally honest with you, I’m not even that great with continents (to be even more honest, I just misspelled continents, that’s how bad it is). All I know for sure is that they all start with the letter ‘A’, except for Europe. With this in mind, I’ve decided I want to learn more about geography through this viewer map in my stats! I plan on doing this once a month, and just checking in on where the heck my viewers come from.

On a tangent, I hit just over 300 followers at the end of February! I’m very excited about this, and I’m very hopeful that I’ll hit my goal of 500 at the end of the year (fingers crossed everybody haha). With this big landmark of 300, I’ve decided to look through my viewers map and find a place where I’ve only gotten a mere 3 views. There I found Oman!

So first of all, where the heck is Oman? (side note: no offense to those who are from there [Omaners? Omanians? just looked it up: Omani’s], pls keep in mind I’m dumb and can hardly point out continents on a map, let alone countries) (watch these be the first and last 3 views from Oman haha) (I’M SORRY)Image result for oman

For those of you in the same boat as me:

This is Oman in all of its map glory. If you’re still confused (like I was because rip me) I found a picture of an airport and it’s routes from Oman. Image result for Oman Air Route Map


So yah that’s where Oman is.

But what’s so special about Oman?

I then searched up so tourist attractions in Oman and found this helpful list of ten things to do in Oman. (Click the link if you’re interested, spoilers: it’s freaking cool). There are a bunch of crazy beautiful views (just like the 3 viewers from my blog, lol okay I’ll leave), and insane sights that are nothing like where I’m from. Here are just a couple of pictures from the website I linked above:

In short, it’s beautiful. What most Muscat City, Muscatinterested me is their capital, Muscat. Something about it just seems otherworldly and futuristic to me. Apparently this is Oman’s trade center, which I read here is where 30% of the world’s exported oil shipments pass. AKA Oman is a big deal. Also in that article, it mentions that the U.S. and Oman are friendly, which for some reason makes me extra happy. When it comes to geography, my favorite concept is countries being friends (I just imagine America and Oman having little friendship bracelets lol)

Then I wondered what their government is like. I found out that Oman is an absolute monarchy, currently being ruled by Sultan Qaboos. When I looked up some more about him, I found this somewhat ridiculous website where people can straight up review Oman’s government?? Like, excuse you? There’s only one review and it’s in all caps (4 stars), which I found to be hilarious. I think the idea of “Rate this World Government” is a bit much haha. In other news, apparently Sultan Qaboos is the longest serving Arab leader (ever since 1970). That’s 47 years. Aren’t you tired Qaboos? I don’t know how things work in Oman, but after 4 years of governing America, our presidents look beat.

(lastly, here’s Oman’s national anthem with lyrics in the description box) (you’re welcome)Image result for oman flag

To sum up this little Oman 101 guide for dumbs, I’m actually really happy I did this. In fact, I feel pretty smart now and I’m definitely going to test my boyfriend on where Oman is (if he’s not reading this- if so, lol hey bb whats good). Hopefully you guys enjoyed this more informative post! I’d love to know what you think and if you’ve found a new interest in Oman like I have. If you happen to know or find out more interesting facts about Oman, please leave a comment!


(future Alli Edit: if you liked this post make sure to check out my next one: Zambia 101!)



42 thoughts on “OMAN 101 + 300 followers

  1. Haha I am always so interested in where my viewers are from too! 😂 It’s amazing! Also I am suuure you will hit 500 by the end of the year! Good luck in hitting it! Woop woop 😊❤️

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  2. Haha, what a great and original idea for a post😀 I also like to see where views come from. It is always cool to look at the numbers for your blog. Great achievement: reaching 300 followers: congratulations. I know you will reach the 500 followers goal, you have a very cool blog here, and more and more people are discovering that 😊😊

    Liked by 2 people

  3. First of all Wormal, hi from Melbourne, Australia (I didn’t know all the continents begin with ‘A’). Secondly congratulations on the 300, I’m still getting there. I commend you for wanting to learn more about geography, you are probably like me and simply ask your other half where a place is, if you are not sure. I did actually know where Oman was because I spent a year in Saudi Arabia in the 80’s. Great post and thank you for the lovely photographs too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Hello my aussie friend! Haha and yes I always just go to the bf for anything geography (except when I tested him on Oman I knew more which felt pretty damn satisfying) and that’s so cool you went to Saudi Arabia! I have a new appreciation for it(: 💜


    1. Right? It’s actually super cool! And thank you so much girl(: it’s funny cause I was actually stalking your blog this morning and then you commented and I’m like oh shit she knows haha


  4. It’s always interesting how you can connect using the internet – even though it’s common knowledge now, it still shocks me that my photos and words can be viewed by someone on the other side of the earth, my dream destination or a city I’ve never even heard of. Really impressed with the research you done on Oman! Didn’t know where that was too and now I learned something new! Thanks, Great post girl and congrats on 300 followers xx

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  5. Hahaha this was too interesting to read. Oman seems like an interesting place! I need to start checking where my followers come from too. Lovely article and Congratulations!!

    Pearl ||

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  6. This was great! I feel a little bit smarter now, haha 🙂 What a great idea, really shows your interest in your followers and your driver to learn more. I’m also terrible on geography so this was actually really interesting and helpful. (Going to read the second post now)


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