Book Review: Almost Adulting (4.17.17)

Happy day-after-Easter worms,

So, like I was saying in a previous blog post, I’ve been reading. For a while there I was going on a reading hiatus, which is never good. Once I fall out of reading, it takes me forever to get back into it (hence the almost year long hiatus), and then I search for a chill book to ease me back into it (which is not easy folks I gotta tell ya). So when I randomly picked up this book at Urban Outfitters as a treat myself kind of moment, I genuinely thought ‘great, another book to add to my stack of tbr’. But somehow the reading gods must of heard my prayers, because I started reading it immediately (god knows why)(may be the cute cover had something to do with it)(may be because the title is my life)(may be because I watch Arden Rose-the author- on youtube)

idgaf why because I read it and it was bomb and here I am telling you what’s good.

*I know what you’re thinking, because I thought it too: ew another youtuber book. But wait! It get’s better!

First off, this book is everything to me. As an 18 year old youngin just trying to make it through the million complexities that hit us after high school (can’t wait till after college ha kill me), this book felt like it was written specifically with me in mind. I relate to “eighteen-year-old Arden” exactly, and I broke out laughing when I read her grocery list. Like the title says, this book is all about growing up and becoming an adult. It gives real advice for things adults should know (like healthy relationships, how to make online friends that won’t kill you, finding your style, and having a healthy outlook on sex).

Overall, this book is very down-to-earth.  There’s no sugar coating (even when you beg for one when Arden describes her sex ed class in middle school, dear lord was that cringey), but that’s exactly what I like most about it (not the sex ed part)(never the sex ed part lol). She gives actual, helpful advice, and god knows that’s what I need (along with everyone else who is almost adulting). If I wanted bull shit advice for adulting, I would pay attention to my gerontology professor (that’s mad shade to my professor, not the subject btw)(she’s the type to cry tears of joy at the quote “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade)(I know this because she almost did in class last week)(help me).

And if you’re not sold on this book yet, IT HAS PICTURES. I appreciated the pictures, not necessarily for their meanings (or lack of, tbh a lot of them were p random aha) but just to break up the text every now and then. That’s definitely something I look for in a book that’s meant to get me reading again. Sometimes a girl just needs a break mid-paragraph, sue me.

To be honest, not everything is accurate in the book. There are moments in the book where I know her advice isn’t factual or accurate, but it might be what others need to hear. Of course, she does preface her book by saying everything in the book is from her perspective, and she never claims to be factual. Personally, I am a very logical thinker and it did slightly bug me when she would go into one of these points. Oh well, it’s not like you have to read every word in a book.

In the end,I liked the book, and I HIGHLY suggest this book to those who are starting to face the real world. It’s no fun growing up, and this book definitely eases your mind.

Basically: The book is therapeutic, and is definitely worth a treat yourself kind of a moment. SO READ IT YA FOOLS.

If you read this far, lucky thank you. This is my first little book review so if you liked it please let me know! I think I’m going to get back into reading (already bought another book, damn commitment), so let me know if you’d be down for another book review! I think they’re fun(:




8 thoughts on “Book Review: Almost Adulting (4.17.17)

  1. oh my goodness okay so I’ve just started living on my own and I literally feel like a kid in an “adults” body – I NEED THIS BOOK IN MY LIFE! Thanks so much for sharing this, I’ve just found your blog and I’m so in love with it, I can’t wait to read more!! ❤

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