WORMAL IS A THING? (4.23.17)


What the actual fuck. (warning, I am in my prime right now so sit your ass down and prepare your damn self)

So, I was going on bing (I know right, shoot me, bing is inferior, I totally agree)(but then again bing has bing rewards and at one time I lived for bing rewards soo)(but like fuck bing)(what a tangent, sos) and I was typing in ‘wormal’ to get to my blog to waste my life away finding new blogs and such per usual (btw I JUST found a new blog that I am OBSESSED with)(by JUST I mean literally 10 minutes ago)(As I am writing this, they just followed me back)(why am I like this)(anyways their blog is: https://bludgersandbroomsticks.wordpress.com/)(why not check them out)

I just want to say I am sorry for all the tangents and rambling- in my defense I was not going to post today, this just happened and I felt obliged. I also felt all the emotions, but we’ll get to that later. As for the rambles, I have a feeling they won’t go away so just humor me, k thanks.

SO I searched ‘wormal’ blah blah, expecting to go directly to my blog because that’s what happens every time I search ‘wormal’ (bing knows my real intentions)(which should be yours as well)(jk)(but like not at all) BUT BITCH not this time, bing. It actually searched the term ‘wormal’, and as I was about to click the first link (randomly assuming it would be my blog), but then I read “Wormal 100 tablets”.

Excuse me sir, I am not a tablet. I prefer my IPad, you slop. (hey dad just called, he wants his joke back)

But I still clicked it and was bombarded by chickens. Then I saw my price. Forty-eight bucks for 100 tablets.

Excuse me sir, I believe I am worth much more than $0.50 a tablet. Check yourself.

Then, I went back and clicked the second link: Wormal-definition. This better be good bing because you lost me at $0.50 a tablet. But to my surprise, the definition was simply “bitch idk look up wormil or somethin, shiiiiit” or something along those lines. HOWEVER they had an audio clip of how to say ‘Wormal’ and damn, they spot on. I see you. Respect.

So I looked up ‘wormil’ because now I’m a sassy little sleuth.

(at this point I went on a break and ate a quesadilla)

Quesadilla was good, but now back to ‘work’.

This is what I got for ‘wormil’: a burrowing botfly larva which affects domestic and wild animals. Wow. You know what. It’s chill. I get called botfly all the time. Makes sense.

Another site said: burrows in or beneath the skin of animals, thus producing sores.


May be it’s the quesadilla in me, but I don’t mind this. I get it. To be honest, Wormal is not the cutest name in the world, so to expect anything flattering is absolutely ridiculous aha. (but bing would it kill you to just go to my damn blog next time, god)

But bing images made me laugh:

Image result for wormalImage result for wormal

Who is he,

Me as fuck.

Anyways, that was

(I literally have no idea what this was, but like enjoy)



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