A-Z Songs You NEED to Hear (4.28.17)

Hey worms,

So it’s not news that people get really into music (damn, how enlightening). Once someone references one of my favorite songs or bands, I respect them on a whole other level. You could punch me in the face and then say a kooks lyric and I’d be cool with it (that’s hypothetical, pls no one punch me k thanks).

To be perfectly honest with you, this list mostly consists of what I religiously listened to in high school. There’s a mix of a little bit of everything (but at the same time not really at all haha). Disclaimer: there are weird fucking songs, depressing songs, and songs I like to yell to until my throat dies. If that’s not your thing, I don’t blame you lol but this list might not be for you. I also added a few comments here and there to help with what mood you’re going for, but some are complete surprises aha. Enjoy.

Shoutout to my actual theme song: I Don’t Fuck With You.

A- All Star- Smash Mouth. Yes, the Shrek song. I’m starting this list with the fucking Shrek song. This song  has been stuck in my head ever since watching Shrek as a child, and it literally never gets old (to me)(to my friends who get my frequent snap chats of me yelling all star with some stupid filter, yah that gets old I bet)(to me it’s an important part of the day HAHA)(sorry friends).

B- Butterfly- Weezer + The Beers- The Front Bottoms: The Beers is one of the songs I YELL in my car until I die.

C- Cigarette Daydreams- Cage the Elephant

D- Dammit- Blink182 + Do You Love Me Still?- Kooks

E- Eet- Regina Spektor + Everything You Want- Vertical Horizon

F- First Day of My Life- Bright Eyes + Fuckarias- Those Dancing Days: fuckarias is a total yelling song, bless.

G- Green light- Lorde + Gives You Hell- The All-American Rejects: I have been nonstop singing Greenlight for the past week, and Gives You Hell is another perfect yelling song aha.

H- Half Moon- Blind Pilot

I- I don’t fuck with you + Inside of Love- Nada Surf +Island In the Sun- Weezer: all could be played at my wedding. AHA could you imagine “I DON’T FUCK WITH YOU, YOU LITTLE STUPID ASS BITCH I AIN’T FUCKIN WITH YOU”, like love you bb.

J- Junk of the Heart- The Kooks + Just Say Yes- Snow Patrol: fun fact- I heard of Just Say Yes when I used to watch Zoella on Youtube and she said it was the perfect song for her anxiety, and now it’s mine(:

K- Knife- Grizzly Bear +King of Anything- Sara Bareiles

L- Landfill- Daughter +Let Her Go- Mac Demarco

M- Me- The 1975: warning: sad

N- Naïve- The Kooks: warning: perfect

O- O Girlfriend- Weezer

P- Pink Triangle- Weezer + Passenger Seat- Death Cab for Cutie: Passenger Seat makes me sad, but it’s good. Pink Triangle is way more fun, so may be listen to Pink Triangle after, because it’ll hype you up again aha.

Q- Quelqu’un M’a Dit- Carla Bruni: this one is French and from one of my favorite movies, 500 Days of Summer.

R- Run for Those Hills, Babe- Tom Rosenthal– this is a shout out to someone I love.

S- She Will Stay Beneath the Moon- Adam Barnes + Sunday Girl- She & Him

T- Trojans-Atlas Genius: This is one of my most favorite favorites (almost like a bff of music) and has been for quite some time.

U- Undercover- The Cataracts + Use Somebody- Kings of Leon +Us- Regina Spektor: This fucking U section is so personal it’s crazy. (like this is actually me in 3 songs)

V- Vagabond- Wolfmother

W- Water Under the Bridge- Adele + What You Know- Two Door Cinema Club

X- (I don’t like any songs that start with ‘X’ so I’m making this a free spot for one dedicated to you guys lol)(It’s a fucking weird one) I Love You All- The Soronprfbs. I literally dare you to listen to this song and watch the movie it comes from(Frank)(it’s on Netflix so why not).

Y- You want a piece of Me- Britney Spears: QUEEN.

Z- (another free spot!) Can’t Go Back Now- The Weepies +Bathtub- Waxahatchee: Bathtub is hella depressing if you’re into that sort of thing aha.

So damn, that was personal as fuck. I know this is a crazy long list, but every song has a specific meaning and memory to me, so if you ever wanted to get to know me this is how ya do it aha.

If some of these songs are your favorites as well, PLEASE let me know in the comments because I will actually love you (It’s literally that simple people)(my love is on the line).

Also, I’m thinking of making a second post relating to this list, where I point out my favorite lyrics from these songs(because lyrics are literally everything to me in music). Let me know if you guys would be down for that(:


32 thoughts on “A-Z Songs You NEED to Hear (4.28.17)

  1. I don’t know most of those songs, partially because I’m old and partially because I have unusual taste in music. But maybe I’ll have to look some up. You should make a public Youtube playlist of all your songs and link it to this. I should do one for me too.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh I like really everything. I like some of the songs from your list as well. My top 3 favourite songs at the moment are Luis Fonsi – Despacito, Paramore – Hard Times and Julia Michaels – Issues.
        I’m going to see Paramore next month and I’m so excited, because they are my favorite band since I was 16. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ohmygoddd no way! That concert sounds like so much fun! And I haven’t heard that Luis Fonsi one- one sec- just listened to it and I don’t understand a word of it but I dig it aha also I like the music video(:


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