5 Product Make-up Look + Cruelty Free (5.2.17)

Hi worms,

So I’ve never really made a make-up post before, and god knows I’m not a make-up “guru”, but it is something I’ve been really into ever since 8th grade (speaking of 8th grade me, here’s a letter to her, that cake face mess of a human being lol). Not to brag or anything, but I can beat my face with the best of them (okay may be that’s being a little generous, but you get the point)(I’m humble).

That being said, I’ve been laying low with my make-up routine as of late for a couple of reasons: 1) I’m a lazy asshole, 2) who’s got the time, 3) my skin has been breaking out/blemishes are finally coming out of the damn closet, and 4) my skin has been hella dry (emphasis on hella). To combat all that ish, I’ve been trying my best to be somewhat of a make-up minimalist (she says as she thinks to her many make-up storage drawers that she can no longer close because she has no self-control). I mean we’ve all got to start somewhere.

So I’ve come up with an affordable and easy everyday look (aka you won’t have to spend a shit ton on products that will take you hours to properly place on your face)(you’re welcome). This look is perfect for those just starting out in make up and for those who don’t have all the time in the world to spend on make up. Plus: all these products are cruelty free, because bish I don’t believe in making animals suffer for bougie face paint, thanks.

  1. NYX Born To Glow Illuminating Primer-  $14 @ TargetImage result for nyx born to glow primer

I must admit that I just started using this product. To be even more honest with you, I have never tried a primer before this one (I know, the make-up gods are going to spit on my grave). But damn, this glowy glue is everything. At first I thought $14 was fucking ridiculous for face glue, like hit me up Elmer, but then I treated myself (wow, when $14 is a treat yourself moment, yike) and it opened my eyes to a new world. This will glow up your face like a charm, and I am aaaaaaall about that glow.


2. NYX BB Cream- $9 @ Target

I don’t know what it is about this product, Image result for nyx bb creambut it literally never fucks up my skin. I’ve tried my fair share of foundations and concealers, but I rarely prefer full coverage over this product. This product feels so nice on the skin, blends out in a second, and has medium GLOWY coverage (I’m going off of Glossier’s skin tint as LOW coverage and proper foundations as high coverage). The one thing I don’t like about this product is that there really isn’t that vast of a color range. At Target, there is either nude or natural. Yah, that’s right, 2 COLORS. Since I am Casper the white ass ghost (hello, nice to meet you) and basically transparent, even their ‘light’ option is a little too tan for my skin (just barely, which is highly unfortunate). To be real with you, I don’t think it’s too noticeable, and I’m not sure if I care enough to change it up. I just started adding drops of Glossier skin tint and it has helped it out a little bit. (Side note: Glossier is a bit pricier, and overall not worth it; I just do this so that I don’t completely waist my money spent on this joke of a skin tint)(also Glossier products alone can freak my skin out, just a heads up)

3. Essence Brow Pencil ($2 @ Ulta), or Glossier Boy Brow ($16 @ Glossier)Image result for essence eyebrow designer

Now brows are the one thing I have found that Glossier gets right, but $16 is a bit much for brows to me. I’m not even that into brows, so being able to get a brow pencil for $2 is more my speed. There’s nothing necessarily special about this brow pencil, it’s just your average pigmented pencil, yet cheaper (the only thing is it isn’t thin enough to draw individual hairs, it is for filler only p much). Overall, essence makes extremely cheap yet pigmented products that are Image result for glossier boy browcruelty free, what more could I ask for. I get my essence brow designer in 02 Brown, and the Glossier boy brow in Brown.

Also that little ‘brush’ kind of a thing on top of the essence pencil is a joke, don’t waste your time with it aha.

The boy brow is basically like a pomade with a nice gel-like wand. It helps get all your little brow hairs in place and makes it look extremely natural (but not as extremely natural as the skin tint that actually does nothing to your face, boy brow does fill your brows in, bless)

4. Elf Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara- $3 @ Target

(the link is for lengthening and volumizing waterproof mascara, I don’t know if theImage result for elf lengthening and volumizing mascara waterproof makes a different or not, but I couldn’t find mine on Target’s website, aka where I got it)

This mascara is the most SIMPLE mascara I have ever owned. I mean look at that wand, that wand isn’t going to do shit. All it does it makes my eyelashes darker than usual and helps keep them separated. That’s it. For me, that’s all I need it to do because I have naturally long lashes as is. The one thing I don’t need are clumps, which this mascara NEVER does. Who knew the perfect mascara for me is literally the most basic, cheap piece of shit aha I absolutely love it.

5. Essence Lip liner ($2 at Ultra) or Frog Prince Lipstick by Lipstick Queen ($25 at Ulta)

So once again, lips can be done simply with a $2 pencil or you can go bougie with a $25Image result for essence soft berry lipliner lipstick. That being said, these are definitely not dupes for each other, they are just what I have been gravitating towards as of late.

The essence lip pencils are insanely pigmented for $2. Their staying ability is pretty good, the only exception is when it comes to eating (also depends on what you are eating, obviously oily foods are going to remove lip products faster than dryer foods). My personal favorite shade is 05 Soft Berry (as seen in the picture), which is (as said in the name) a beautiful berry shade that anyone can pull off. Image result for frog prince lipstick

As for the pricey side hoe, Frog Prince is quite a trendy little bish, but for good reason. The lipstick itself is straight up green but then turns pink on your lips. The pink shade is super pretty (and that’s coming from someone who has grown to hate the color pink on lips) and very moisturizing. I think the reason I often pick the Frog Prince lipstick over the essence pencil is because it is much more moisturizing and comfy on the lips. Not to mention it’s really high quality, and the packaging is so pretty.

So those were all my products that I put on my everyday face. If you go the cheap route on these products it ends up only being $30! (lol almost the price of just the Frog Prince Lipstick, kill me). Also these products last a long time, so if you were to only get these cheap products for a year and have to restock on a couple, I bet you could get through a year on around $50 for make-up (if you’re like me and can’t resist buying all the make-up in the world, that’s like a couple spending trips)(sos).

Lastly, I just want to stress that these products are all cruelty free. With most companies being cruelty free, there is really no reason to buy products that are not. There are cruelty free options from drugstore products to high end products, so price is not an excuse. I don’t want to seem too preachy, so I’ll go ahead and stop right there(:

Hope you enjoyed this little guide to a glowy make-up look. If this helped at all or if you have any questions, please leave a comment. Also, if you’ve tried any of these products before, please leave your own review in the comments!

(Side note: I’m planning on doing a Q&A sometime this month, so please leave a question or two! Thanks!)






19 thoughts on “5 Product Make-up Look + Cruelty Free (5.2.17)

  1. I don’t usually wear makeup but I am tempted to get that lipstick! 😂 my sister has used the “glossier boy brow” on me before and it was really good. You’re right about the brush on the Essence pencil, I tried to use it once and it snapped when I took the cap off 😬😂 my questions for your Q&A are: what are the first 3 words that come to mind when you think of your blog?, You mentioned that your skin gets dry do you have any tips to prevent this? Great post! 😄💗

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  2. My NYX collection just keeps on growing and growing. Their make up line is one of my favorites. I’ve been wanting to try their primer for when I run out of my smashbox one just for price reasons! Ps I loveee your hair color its the perfect shade of blonde!

    xo, JJ

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