Mini Craft Haul (5.7.17)

Hey worms!

So I’ve decided crafts are cool. Yah, let everyone know that crafts are cool now because I said so (I’m being sarcastic of course)(I swear I’m not an asshole). For real though, I’ve always liked crafts and being crafty even though I am at the peasant level of the crafting and DIY  hierarchy (I swear it’s a thing). In any case, I try my damn best, and I think that’s plenty good enough.

Any who, I’ve been reading a lot of crafty posts and watching cute DIY’s on YouTube, and now I have decided to up my game a little (and when I say a little, I mean a little)(I’m still the ultimate craft peasant, don’t worry)(ya girl will never change aha). So, I bought a couple things at Michael’s and I’ve decided to share them with you guys, because I’m pumped and you should be, too (Why? I have no idea)(pls humor me)(k thanks).

1.Tiny AF Letter Stamps ($1)

Are these not the cutest things you’ve ever seen? No? K well they can at least compete. These were in the check-out line (damn that check-out line) and I couldn’t help myself. They were only a dollar! No self control, I swear. I liked how they’re still all connected by their rubber, very visually satisfying.

2. Black Ink ($3)IMG_5271

I know this one’s super interesting and you’re all dying to know where to get black ink, crazy right? (are you done with me yet)(have you lost all hope) But yah, you kind of need ink if you’re going to be a stamp queen. They had a bunch of different colors, but like I mentioned before, I am the ultimate craft peasant (yet also stamp queen?), so there’s no time to waste with pretty colors.

3. Rotary Stamp ($5)IMG_5274.JPG

Rotary stamps are so freaking cool! I’m going to be dating everything from now on with this nifty, little stamp. This one also comes with cute little messages and symbols, what’s not to like? I feel like the stars and banners are going to be the ones I reach for most. Hbu?

4. Washi Tape [45 rolls] ($10)

I COULDN’T HELP MYSELF. I mean, to be honest, the whole reason I was going to Michael’s was for washi tape, and then they had a huge sale, and then my wallet said pls no, and then it’s funeral is on Wednesday (another sad Wednesday lol, too soon). Actually, since it was on sale for $10 it wasn’t too bad, and now I have tape for the rest of eternity (I wanted to buy more, but the little bit of self restraint in me finally clicked in)(bless). Each column of tape has a different theme going on, but I think my favorite would be the last column to the right. Something about pretty tape makes me so happy. Definitely worth it.

So that was my tiny, craft-peasant, haul. That’s it. Bye. (what a wonderfully blunt, yet simple ending)

BUT WAIT one last thing! (so much for blunt and simple) I’m going to be writing a Q&A post sometime this month, so if you lovely worms would be ever so kind as to ask a few questions in the comments, that would be bomb as fuck.






34 thoughts on “Mini Craft Haul (5.7.17)

  1. Yay a Q&A! Samsung or Apple? Cats or Dogs? (I’m guessing this question is gonna be quite easy tho😂) What are your goals when it comes to your blog this year? What’s your favourite saying/quote? What’s your favourite movie? 😄

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