Q&A Featuring Me (5.8.17)

Hey worms!

You guys were freaking awesome and asked a bunch of questions! This is me answering them (shocking, surprising, unique, next level)(I know). That’s it, enjoy(:

My Life Online (aka best online bb):

Why are you a cat person? Image result for cat succulant tumblr

Because I’m not stupid (AHA nono I’m kidding). Mostly because cats are more my speed- aka slow af. I’m a pretty chill person, and cats are pretty chill so it just makes sense. Also they freaking take care of themselves! It’s the same way as I’m not a gardener but I can maintain a succulent for a little while. Same same. Less needy all around.

Why are you not a dog person?

Dogs are a lot to handle. They’re very needy children. And they lick- like a lot. And they are rarely chill (the few chill ones are amazing, but like I said- few). I just can’t deal with all their needs and wants. That being said, I love other peoples’ dogs! It’s like babies- as long as they’re not mine then I’m cool with it.

How could you choose cats over dogs? (No offence to cats lol)

Easily. (no offence to dogs aha)(for real)

Elsie LMC:

What are the first 3 words that come to mind when you think of your blog?

Messy, Honest, and Fun. (I think that’s a pretty good summary aha)

You mentioned that your skin gets dry do you have any tips to prevent this? (mind you this was on my recent beauty post, where I did say how my skin was dry aha)(she’s not crazy)

I mean the obvious answer is to moisturize until you can’t moisturize no more aha but I’ve also  learned (in school, not experience lol) that taking hot showers can lead to drying out your skin, so avoid that ish. Other than that, I’m not quite sure. Oils?

Chloe Amanda:

What made you start blogging and why do you love it?

To be completely honest here, I’m really into YouTube, but I can’t see myself as a Youtuber (because there’s too much room for error). So there’s always been this part of me who wanted to have somewhat of an online ‘family’ you could say, but I had no idea what to do about it- and figured I would never act on it. Then I saw someone put their WordPress link on their Instagram and I decided to give it a shot. Now here I am, super stoked about my tiny online fam of worms and I love it! I get to be as sarcastic and snarky as I please and I get to do literally whatever, what more could I ask for?

Bath Of Colours:

How did you decide to start a blog and why?

Aha, very good question, however I kind of answered this through the last question by Chloe. I guess I didn’t really say how I started it though, so I can answer that part(: Honestly, starting a blog is the hardest part of blogging. I had no idea how to start it or what to name it, and I second-guessed myself to the point where I questioned if it was even worth it. At the time, I was taking a Microbiology course at my college, and it was my life. My favorite subject in the class was worms (helminths, if you want to sound smart aha), and I always spurted out worm facts around friends whenever we hung out. Eventually my best friend started tagging me in worm posts on Instagram and I realized that it had gone a little too far (but then I took it one step further). Now this blog is called Wormal, like worm-al (al for Alli)(but I pronounce it worm-uh-l)(does it make sense, nah, but its fine). So yah, once I got a name, I just started posting random shit until I was comfortable enough to be myself online (which did take a while but that’s another story aha). Damn, that was a long answer.


What is your best piece of advice for blogging? Image result for tumblr support bra

Just go for it, because why not? And if you do end up going for it, you might as well go all out. Make a couple online friends, and be fucking genuine because there are so many blogs in the blogosphere of boring shit (pardon my French) and you shouldn’t strive to be one of them. You do you boo, and I’ll read it aha.

Did you learn anything since you started?Image result for sassy snap gif

Not all online people are creeps. Crazy right? Also, messaging online is totally a form of communication, and anyone saying otherwise (*cough cough* gerontology professor *cough cough* you old bitch *cough*) is ignorant. Pity them.

Rachel Vincent:

What’s your favorite art supply? (this was from my craft haul, so it made sense at the time aha)(she’s not crazy either)

This is a hard one actually (even though I am the ultimate craft peasant), I think I have to go with a simple pen and black letter stickers. I have a whole notebook, nearly full, of crappy doodles with big black words -something is very aesthetic about it.

Where do you find you spend the most money?

Make-up, one hundred times make-up. Which is kind of ridiculous considering I don’t wear that much on an everyday basis (hit that everyday make-up routine up lol). I think I’ve slowed down a little on the crazy spending (bless).

Where do you go when you want to jump off a cliff?Image result for heart gif

A cliff. And then I jump. AHA I think I’m so funny, someone pls help me. I think this question means where I go to chill the fuck out, which is a really great question. I’m not sure if I have a set place (because my preferred happy place is a couple hours away and inconvenient to go to often), but honestly I just go to loved ones. Mom, boyfriend, dad, bestfriend, cat (honestly probably cat first because she’s always free for a talk aha). Highly suggest loved ones, 10/10 would recommend.

Jo Smith:

What is your goal in life/what’s your purpose?

Damn this got real deep real fast aha, but I’m glad for it(: I like to get personal occasionally and this is one of those times lol. I believe that my goal in life is to simply be happy (which isn’t really that simple at all). Being happy is the most important thing to me, and I Image result for big smile gifthink once I figured that out my life got significantly better. Everyone is just trying to be happy, so we have to be understanding. Yet, the most important thing is to be understanding and still not let anyone get in the way of your happiness, no matter who they are. It’s okay to be selfish sometimes(:

Tabi Bee:

Do you ever regret something really embarrassing?

Aha I try my best not to! I think this is where my terrible memory has actually benefitted me, because I honestly don’t remember many embarrassing moments. I guess I blocked them out aha. OH MAN I just remembered how my first date went and I realized how much of a mess I was. We went to see a movie (cliché as fuck, I know) and we went to a candy store before hand (baaaad idea). I got the biggest blue jaw breaker I had ever seen (mind you I was in middle school)(I also thought may be instead of jaws, it could break the ice- kill me)(ALSO I thought we were going to try them together BUT NO). He got to watch me try to eat that jawbreaker for probably 10 minutes (sexy, I know). Then after the movie, after the awkward everything, I got home -looked in the mirror- and saw that my entire mouth was stained blue. It had been blue the entire time. I’m a charmer, what can I say.

All the Jazz:

Samsung or Apple?

Apple. Sorry my Samsung dudes.

Cats or Dogs? (I’m guessing this question is gonna be quite easy tho😂)

You guessed right bb aha cats all the way.

What are your goals when it comes to your blog this year? Image result for just keep swimming gif

So this year has 7ish months left, which is a lot of time, so I hope I don’t drop the ball and keep up with blogging! My life is going to get quite hectic this year (especially at the end, my fall semester looks like straight up death) so I hope I can continue blogging throughout the year(: Also I want to hit 500 followers! That would be hella fine.

What’s your favourite saying/quote?

It’s long. You ready?

“I’d imagine the whole world was one big machine. Machines never come with any extra parts, you know. They always come with the exact amount they need. So I figured if the entire world was one big machine… I couldn’t be an extra part. I had to be here for some reason. And that means you have to be here for some reason, too.” -Hugo (not the best move, but has the best quote)

What’s your favourite movie?

Image result for heath ledger 10 things gif
literal hottie

Probably, Love Actually. It’s fantastic. It’s a Christmas movie, but I can watch it all year long. Also 500 Days of Summer, when I want to feel sad. Then there’s 10 Things I Hate About You, when I want an angsty teen movie and to be sad about how much of a hottie Heath Ledger once was.


That was a lot of fun! I loved the questions and the people they came from, pls go check those bb’s out(: Hope you had as much fun reading these as I had writing them!

Since I had so much fun, I want to ask you guys one of these questions, and that’s: What are the first 3 words that come to mind when you think of your blog?

Please answer in the comments! Let’s all get to know each other’s blogs! Why not(:




51 thoughts on “Q&A Featuring Me (5.8.17)

  1. This was so much fun to read Alli! You know, I’m with you on cats. They’re so chill and can even feed themselves by hunting and killing. Dogs are very needy, which can be good, but sometimes I just don’t have the energy for that. And the licking me, I love you too, but please chill.
    As for three words for my blog. Random, life, rambles. That also works as a full sentence almost too 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahh this is such a lovely Q and A! And I love so much, too! We have 5 cats (and the one is pregnant) and we also have a puppy. I love both but I’m so crazy with cats. ❤


      1. Haha 😛 No worries! BTW, in my old home there was a black and white cat! It was so cute! ❤ We called it lofty! haha But since we moved, the cat remained 😦 It is not our cat to begin with, just a cat in the neighbourhood who we tried to be friends with – and it was successfully! It trusts us and comes to our balcony and we give it cat food haha! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Aw that’s so cute! Lofty is an adorable name aha I used to have a cat like that who liked to visit my backyard everyday for food! I think he’s passed but he was awesome(:

        Liked by 1 person

      3. LOL my bro thought of that name for that cat haha it was funny because the cat looked like this cat on this lotto advertisement LOOOL Really? Awww that is very sad 😦 Poor cat. Cats are so cute and willing to help one if I see one! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for answering my question! Although I am more of a dog person-one of the reasons is that I read that book-“A Dog’s Purpose” and because I’m allergic to cats, so I can’t really connect with them.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hey love, I’m so sorry I wasn’t around to contribute with some questions 😦 I wish I had been. Can I ask you a few anyway?
    How can you keep your hair color looking so perfect? How can you make it look so healthy? (Such a strong color tends to dry your hair)
    You’re usually super calm and chill, what makes you angry/sad?
    What is your favorite type of post to read?
    I love all of the movies you’ve listed above!!
    When I think about my blog: Personal, candid and unprofessional?


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