So I Took A Personality Test (5.10.17)

Hey worms,

So I recently heard about the enneagram test, which is basically a personality test, and I decided to take it because why not? Honestly, I don’t think these tests mean much, and as far as accuracy goes- they’re not the best. Each personality result is made up of generalized mantra that everyone can find at least one thing they can relate to; however, the types do have their own strengths and weaknesses, which I think are the deciding factors when classifying people’s personalities (I say as if I know shit about this aha).

In short: The test I took was composed of a bunch of statements, such as “I tend to trust most people”, and then you answer No (as in: this probably isn’t me), Partly (as in: this is partly me, partly not me), or Yes (as in: bitch, have we met before?). After all these statements (and there are quite a few) they give you a result type, 1-9. Each number is a personality type, with their own shits and giggles.

This is the test I took, if you want to give it a shot as well.

Now let’s talk results. Personally, my results were both high for type 6 and type 5, so I read both personality types and decided which one I was more like. At first, I was hella pumped for my results, because I thought I answered the questions well and I thought the questions were pretty good themselves, but neither one was perfect (like I said before, a lot of generalized statements). However, there were things from both types that fit me, so it was kind of cool to read through the types to see what fit and what didn’t.

First off, Type 6 (The Loyalist)

  • Basic Fear: Of being without support and guidance
  • Basic Desire: To have security and support

So right from the back this is all wrong aha. I don’t consider my basic fear as being without support or guidance (I mean that would suck and all, but I’m not afraid of being independent). I do see how security and support could be considered my basic desire, but it doesn’t fit perfectly. Of course I want security, but that could mean so many different things. In my case, I strive for job security (hence majoring in nursing) so I never have to worry about not being able to support myself. As far as support goes, (like I said before) I just want to be able to support myself, so I think that part is wrong.

There many characteristics about this type that simple weren’t me, like how there are two types of Sixes- aggressive and phobic (both are sooo not me). Also, apparently Sixes are always looking for something to believe in, which isn’t me either. Like I said before, I don’t mind being independent, and I don’t put everything I have into my beliefs (in fact, more often than not, my beliefs don’t even come up)(ever).

That all being said, there were a few characteristics that were fitting. Sixes tend to be anxious (me af), and because of this they tend to have this “defensive suspiciousness” of others- meaning they don’t trust just anyone. I find this to be spot on, because I generally assume the worst in people at first (I’m a bit tough on new people, sue me). Yet, the people I get the most defensive toward end up being my closest friends, so who knows what that says about my judgement aha. Sixes also tend to hold on to close relationships long after it’s time to move on (which is also true for me). I don’t give up on people I’ve invested my time and effort and love into until we have had multiple breaking points. This is probably because I don’t like cutting people out of my life, but at the same time I’m not afraid to do so. I can honestly say that to everyone that I have ever loved, I will always treat them with respect, even if we no longer have any relationship with one another (I just think that’s what they deserve, after being a significant part of my life).

Next, Type 5 (The Investigator)

  • Basic Fear: Being useless, helpless, or incapable
  • Basic Desire: To be capable and competent

Now this is more my speed. I think being helpless and hopeless would be my biggest fear, and half of that is in this type aha way to go Fives. At this time in my life, I take being capable and competent really seriously, so I think that desire is pretty spot on. I pretty much just want to be able to do whatever the fuck I want to do (and at this moment I want to get through college, so I’m working my ass off). Also, I HATE the feeling of incompetence, I think it’s one of the lowest feelings you can put on a person.

Overall, this type is all about putting brains before heart, and logic over feelings (which is me to the max). It also says how Fives are very scientific; so me pretty much. I’d much rather trust numbers than what someone says. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I ask a question and someone tells me what they feel like the answer would be (like, 2+2= I feel like it would be 4)(like bish I’m not your therapist, I don’t give a fuck about how you’re feeling, I need a solid answer). There is also a part where it says some Fives have artistic inclinations, which is true in my case. I’m a big doodler, I live to doodle. As for faults, Fives tend to hide their emotions (which is p true for me; I only show deep emotions with the people I’m closest to) and are seldom comfortable with their social skills (AHAHAHA but me though). I think I get it from my dad (shoutout to my homeslice), but I’m a much better listener than talker (not that I don’t talk because hello I do have some social awareness aha). I’ll admit that I do get uncomfortable about the most basic social exchanges (such as hugging people when you first see them- like do I or don’t I)(also I definitely don’t make the first move, oh hell no).

Even with Five, there was one thing I did not relate to at all, which was that Fives are sensitive. HAHA BISH WHO. The last time I was sensitive was when I hit puberty and I talked through voice-cracks with braces. But like, that’s cute.

So, I think I’m type 5 for the most part- woo (AHA you can tell this is a very exciting moment in my life).

You guys should try it out and see what you get! It’s kind of fun, in a this-is-sort-of-me-but-also-not-at-all kind of a way.

If you try it out, let me know what your results were!





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