50th Post! (5.15.17)

Hey worms!

So my crazy ass has written 50 posts- what’s good aha. I feel like this is a pretty big accomplishment for me because honestly I don’t stick with hobbies like this very often- and 50 is a pretty big number, if I do say so myself! For my 50th post I wanted to just do an overall update on the future of this blog, my life, and whatever the fuck- this is going to be as chill as posts can get, trust me. And I’m not going to talk blog stats at all in this update- because who the f cares?

Let’s talk Wormalblog:

I love this blog- and I don’t even feel bad for saying it’s my favorite, because this is all me bb, it’s all out there and there’s no take-backsies aha. That being said, I do have some plans for the future of this blog that I want to share with you guys as much as I can about them. First off, this blog is truly a lifestyle blog- meaning it’s about life (enlightening), specifically my life and what interests me in the now. With this in mind, there are going to be a vast variety of different types of posts (if you couldn’t already tell). I plan on posting a little bit of everything; like make-up to book reviews to geography 101 posts (if you’re unsure of what that is- click here for one) to music to trying new things- you get the point. I once thought posting a lot of varying content was messy and sort of blogging-taboo but hey, this is my life- you signed up for this aha.

Let’s talk you worms:

Speaking of you people reading this, I want to thank you guys so much for actually reading my casual af blog and being so supportive- it means a lot! I genuinely light up when I see your lovely comments and I truly think you all are wonderful. I love getting to know you guys better and better through every comment and it feels like a real community. You guys are amazing and thank you so much for the support- when I wrote my first blog post I never thought anyone would actually read my blog (I even wrote that no one would see it aha), so to think people see it and read it and comment and like it- it’s crazy. So, thank you(:

Let’s talk social media:

So there have been quite a few occasions Image result for instagram clear backgroundwhere I find things online that I wish I could show you worms but not have to make a whole blog post dedicated to it. Then I thought, why not just make a wormal account on some type of social media so I can share with you guys whatever I want (I’m hoping that doesn’t sound as creepy as I think it does- no creeping intended)! I’m thinking Instagram would be the easiest account to manage and post on somewhat often, since I actually use Instagram pretty much everyday (my social media guilty pleasure aha). So let me know if you guys would actually be down for a wormal insta! (I might just do it anyways for the heck of it lol)(but like you’re all invited)(pls rsvp thx)

Let’s talk about ME:

So my life is getting hectic- my classes have turned ‘finals week’ into ‘finals weeks’– that’s right, multiple weeks. Just to give you a run down I have 2 big exams, one minor exam, 2 research papers, and 3 papers of shit to do, starting today to next Thursday so RIP ME PEOPLE, RIP.ME. I have a bunch of posts in the works, but school is a killer, man. Just a warning, posts might be are going to be slow for the next 2 weeks ish. BUT THEN SUMMER BB (I have summer classes, help meeeeeeeeeeee)(I’m fine, I swear).


The end of my existence has made a blog. (jk he’s my friend)(I have friends?)(rude) He’s just starting out so show him so love (but not like creepy- jesus why is everything I write sound off today?). I see him all the damn time in real life so you’ll probably see more of him now that he’s on wordpress aha. He’s an artist and he’s cool and there’s literally no reason to NOT follow him, so get on that boo. This is his first post– he’s pretty much blog famous- not to brag but I knew him before he was cool.

Anyways, I think that’s all IMG_5048

JK- can somebody tell me why the fuck this is a thing? It happened last month and I was like why 1337? Is 1337 a special number or was there a mess up?? But that’s getting into stats and I said I wouldn’t do that so boo.




Let me know about that insta tho(:






29 thoughts on “50th Post! (5.15.17)

  1. My blog is a variety of stuff too, and that’s how I’ve always wanted it. It’s me. Take it or leave it. And I’m thankful for my blogging friends. And I would definitely follow an Instagram for this blog. (Feel free to add me too. Same name as here, live_a_life_less_ordinary)

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  2. Alli! You should totally join Insta! It’s the only other social media I’m on anyway, you literally just post pictures and it’s so much fun (for me anyway ahaha)
    Also, I love that your blog is a collection of everything you’re interested in! It’s the same as mine, a collection of random thoughts and rambles. Some blogs have a certain niche and that works for them, but I like being free to talk about whatever is on my mind 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. As for getting a notification when you get 1,337 likes…I have no clue why?? Like is it special? Why not 2,000 or 1,000? It confused me more than it should😂 But yayyy for your 50th post, and I’ll check out your friend’s blog😊

    Liked by 2 people

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