So I Tried Kendall Jenner’s Ab Workout (5.17.17)

Hey worms,

I think you can tell how professional I am by how I roll up IMG_5261my yoga mat like a fucking crayon.

Recently I found out about this 11 minute ab workout that Kendall Jenner does all day everyday and I thought to myself -bish why not? I like abs, Kendall likes abs, we all like abs so why not work them out! Plus, I’ve been really lazy lately as I study for finals, and my body actually aches just because I don’t use it (I feel like an old fart and I’m only 18)(save yourselves). Any who, 4 days seemed like enough to test this out (and I got really busy so there was less and less time to fit this workout in my schedule, my bad). If you’d like to read about my abs suffering and trying to be as slay-worthy as Kendall’s, keep reading!

And If you’d like to check out the workout for yourself, this is a link to Kendall’s Ab Workout!

Day 1: Let’s go Kendall!

First Impression just by reading through the workout: 13Image result for workout sos cartoon gif Steps can’t be too hard, right? Unless it’s unlucky 13, then we might have some issues. I’m just going to embrace my current ab-state for a moment because I know they won’t be this lazy and happy for the hell coming my way these next 4 days. Just think about happy abs. Happy abs. Also, I really doubt it’ll take me 11 minutes. Kendall, sure; but me? I could be here the rest of the day, sobbing (or rather, my abs are going to be sobbing)(I don’t give a fuck  lies). Well, I think it’s about time to do this shit show. Rip me. Jk, I have to wait for this Spotify ad to pass. Thank you Spotify for saving my abs an extra 30 secs. Okay, for real now, rip me.

After the first workout: Kendall you bitch. I’ll be honest, as my body was about to break, I yelled “Kendall” and it got my ass back into gear aha. Honestly, I don’t feel that phased now. During the actual workout I thought I was going to die, but now I feel fine (I don’t know if I did it right tbh). Something I didn’t expect was the amount of shaking I was doing, like damn I’m weak af. This is why I don’t do this stuff at the gym, the machines never really show my shaking (they do show exactly how weak I am though, as I struggle to lift 20 pounds)(Not impressed? Yah no, me neither, it’s fine aha)

My Time = 8:14: min (vs. 11:00 min) (yah I couldn’t have done it right aha)

Now let’s talk about these fucking moves. The first 2 planks were pretty standard, so I thought damn, I can actually do this (Mind you, I was 1 minute in at this point). Then the planks went all sideways and I could not, for the life of me, get my balance sorted out. Also, what do I do with my feet when I’m sideways? I don’t think they’re supposed to bend that way? Especially the side plank crunches, like did Kendall even think about feet when she made up this ab funeral? No, I don’t think so. But then the around-the-world plank hit me, and it hit me hard. Even though this move was pretty hard for a beginning bitch like me, I atleast felt my abs working out (unlike the sideway shit, probably because I didn’t do them right aha, too stuck on the feet positioning). The knee-to-forearm plank was tough, but fun. Up until the rocking plank, it was pretty standard, but then what the fuck is a rocking plank? I felt like I was just humping the air in a very strange way, not involving my hips (another one I definitely did wrong aha). But those jackknives came for blood. I don’t know what I ever did to Jack, but he was coming for a rude vengeance on my abs. I think this was the point where I yelled “Kylie” for inspiration aha (totally normal, totally cool). The rest was normal stuff, and I liked ending with donkey kicks (something I could end with and feel like damn I’m a professional)(it’s literally just backwards kicks, anyone can do it)(but not like me, the professional of donkey kicks).

Day 2 – I am quite a sore bitch.Related image

Getting myself to do this workout after being extremely sore all day was the actual challenge. Simple tasks like getting up and down from a lying down position got crazy harder (weak bish). Also I am now aware of how much I laugh in a day, and it’s a lot. A lot of pain aha. But I think I did a lot better this time! Here are my results:

Before workout: sore as fuck, kill me.

After workout: Damn, I see a little bit of Kendall in me (that sounds wrong, nevermind). I think my muscles actually new what they were doing this time and clicked in (bless). There was no shaking this time! NONE! Crazy! Also, I think I have gotten a yoga mat burn on my elbow (rip me). It really burns aha but I still think today was a victory ab-wise. I feel good! I feel pumped!

My Time = 8:10 (vs. 11 min) – I thought this was strange because I could’ve sworn I was going slower! I didn’t feel rushed or anything! Weird. Definitely going to try on lengthening it tomorrow (I say as I am pumped and not feeling sore anymore)(we’ll see how I feel tomorrow aha)

The Moves: The donkey kick is sill by far my favorite. But I think I finally understand the sideways feet thing! I guess you’re not really supposed to be on your feet that much, but rather on lifted calf sort of? I don’t know, but it worked this time! Also jackknives are by far the worse move in the routine, I’m calling it. Side note- the workout playlist on Spotify is killing it, highly recommend giving it a listen if you’re getting pumped. Overall, the moves were way easier this time! (I mean they still kicked my ass, but in the right way this time aha)

Day 3- I sneezed and it hurt.

Today I feel pretty good! I don’t feel sore (until my abs move)(like when I sneeze, kill me), so I feel like this is a victory aha. I can sit down and feel like a normal chump (until I have to get up, then rip me). Overall, best day yet!

Before workout: I got this!!

After workout: Oh damn, that was harder than I remember. It didn’t help that my cat came in mid workout and tried to brush up against me on each plank-like move aha. Maybe some of my Kendall will wear off on her. Also my elbow is really hurting from the mat-burn, but like it’s fine, it’s Gucci.

My Time =  7:51 (vs. 11 min)- What the fuck. I thought I was going slower! I mean my cat came in half way, I was bound to go slower! I guess it might make sense since I have someplace to be right now, so maybe I was unconsciously rushing? Oh well aha, next time.

Image result for victory dance gif
me owning this workout

The Moves: I think I totally own this routine (except for those damn jackknives)(they kill me every time). I still love finishing with the donkey kicks! This time I especially felt my abs stretching out during the donkey kicks and it felt so good. This routine isn’t as bad as I thought it would be day one aha(:

Day 4- I wanted to sleep, but no.

Before Workout: It’s almost 10 pm, I want to sleep, but no! I made a promise to myself and to Kendall that my abs would be shook by the end of this!

After Workout: My cat is not impressed, but I am and that’s all that matters!Image result for sleepy  gif

My Time= 8:22 min (vs. 11 min) – Somebody help me.

The Movies: The moves were fine, I feel like an ab queen. I’d love to stay and chat but bish I’m sleeping.

Final thoughts:

Kendall would be proud! That was actually a blast! By the end of the 4 days, I felt like my abs were way stronger already (mind you I was such a weak bitch to start out). This workout is perfect for those who are not really the work-out type (ME) but would gradually like to have stronger abs. On the outside, my abs literally look the same- but I don’t really mind. I was never doing this workout for looks, I just wanted to feel a little stronger (which I do, so bless). I’m no Kendall, but I feel good(: If you want nice looking abs, I bet this workout can help over a longer period of time, or if you just repeat the workout more often than I did (like multiple times a day). Anyways, I thought it was fun and I highly suggest trying it out!


25 thoughts on “So I Tried Kendall Jenner’s Ab Workout (5.17.17)

  1. Core and ab workouts are the literal worst for me. I don’t have any problems with arm stuff or legs, but all those planks and what not make my tummy hurt XD
    I don’t think I could do four days of straight abs workout, but good on you Alli 😀

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