My Jams this Week (5.21.17)

Hey worms,

So I’ve decided to write a short and sweet post today, because some things are better off left simple. Here are 5 songs that I’ve been singing all week long (no joke, all week, until my throat was sore, rip me). They’re all really good and you need to listen to them, okay? Cool. If this ish interests you, check out my A-Z music list and be amazed aha.

1. The Weakness in Me – Joan Armatrading Image result for the weakness in me joan

This song has FUCKED ME UP. I’ve been singing it all day, everyday, non-stop, constantly, 24/7, continuously, rip me. No, seriously rip me. It all started when I watched 10 Things I Hate About You on Sunday (one of my all time faves, as mentioned in my recent Q&A)(but you already knew that haha RIGHT)(I’m totally sane, it’s cool), and in the scene where the two main characters are in a fight and he tries to talk to her in a music shop and library but she’s playing a guitar so he doesn’t (are you intrigued yet) AND THIS SONG was playing in the background and I died. The chorus has great lyrics, and overall the song sounds really nice/super catchy (however, there are some lyrics in there where I cringe- “I need you…and you”, like really? That’s all you got?). The song is actually about how a woman is cheating on her bb (which I DON’T support), but it’s catchy af.

2. You Are The Moon – The Hush SoundImage result for you are the moon album

The lyrics in this song are so satisfying ohmygodddd. There are a bunch of alliterations- I die. Also my friend knows how to play it on the piano, and it reminds me of her even though she’s moved away(: happy happy memories with this song. I love this song and it’s super soft and cute, so if you’re into that ish this is for you bb.

3. Rocking Chair – BranchesImage result for branches rocking chair album

LISTEN TO THIS ONE! Another cute af song. It’s all about growing old with bb and eventually being old farts in rocking chairs on our front porch(: very lovie and uplifting. I guess that’s been how I’ve felt this last week, who knew lol.

4. She Changes the Weather – Swim DeepImage result for she changes the weather

ANOTHA ONE (is the meme dead?)(it is?)(yah?)(me too). This one is chill af, the only thing I don’t like about this song is that it takes such a long time to actually get to the lyrics (like over a minute)(I just looked into it- literally 1:45 minute)(that’s a long ass intro), but it’s worth it! Happy chill music for a happy chill bb ❤

**BUT HOLD UP, I’M SHOOK. I just looked up the lyrics to this song and I read the first lyric AND IT DOESN’T EXIST IN THE ACTUAL SONG?! I’m genuinely so confused, somebody help me. The song starts at ‘Seen it all, but I’ve seen nothing yet’, not ‘She takes my time, She grows the flowers in my mind, She makes it shine in my mood’?? SOS

5. Swish Swish– Katy Perry Ft. Nicki MinajImage result for swish swish katy perry

All I have to say is SWISH SWISH BISH! Was this song not made for me? I absolutely love it. It’s everything I stand for. It’s perfection. I love ‘another one in the casket’ aha best lyric of my life. I also love Nicki’s part- she slays.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know what has been playing in the back of mind this week aha and I hope you click the links and give them a listen! What have you guys been listening to lately? I love hearing what others are listening to, so hit me up in the comments bb’s!


34 thoughts on “My Jams this Week (5.21.17)

  1. Oh yes that last one, it’s all I’ve been hearing people talk about and sing at my school! I’m gonna have to give it a listen and see if I like it
    (PS: my earphones are dying like you know when you can just tell they’re fading away😭😭 the sound’s slightly quieter in one ear and it’s only about timeee😭😭)
    This post just seemed appropriate enough for me to say that😂

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      1. Aha yah that’s always bothersome (especially since I have the tiniest ears of existence and have only found one type of earbud that fits- and it’s kid’s size lol sos)

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    1. Here, maybe it’ll actually show up this way

      Here’s a live performance of the same song, from a TV special. The fiddle player from this video (who is now a regular part of this band, but wasn’t on the original recording of the first album) is totally my celebrity crush. I’ve seen them live twice.

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      1. She does! I took a picture with her after the first time I saw them. I don’t know if I should share it, since I’ve never shared pictures of myself on my blog. I can send it to you somewhere else if you’re curious, but no big deal.

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      1. Chris Cornell was a big name in the Seattle grunge-rock scene of the 90s. He is best known for being the lead vocalist of Soundgarden. He and future members of Pearl Jam also formed the band Temple of the Dog, which had one album before either Pearl Jam or Soundgarden was big, and in the 2000s, Chris was the lead singer of Audioslave, which he formed with former members of Rage Against the Machine. He committed suicide a few days ago. 😦

        Alan Doyle is from Newfoundland. He spent 20 years in the band Great Big Sea, which blended traditional Newfoundland folk music with pop and rock (described by someone very accurately as a cross between Irish pub songs and pirate music). Alan recorded a solo album during the late years of GBS, and after GBS broke up in 2013, Alan formed a new band (which has recently called themselves Alan Doyle and the Beautiful Gypsies) which were mostly the musicians who toured with him on his first solo tour (which also included GBS’ drummer).

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      2. I do. But remember, those were my teen years. My dad subscribed to Rolling Stone magazine, which I read regularly at the time (at least the music articles, the political stuff was and is crap), and MTV was still about music back then.

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  2. Omg the only song I know here is Swish Swish and I’m honestly really obsessed with it, tbh, my fave part is when Niki raps!!! XD 😛 Definitely gonna check the rest out!!!
    Loved this post!!

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