Summer Clothes Haul! (5.26.17)

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So I went on a little treat yourself binge with my mama as a ‘happy you survived your first year of college with a 4.0 GPA’ kind of a deal. To be real with you, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post this haul because hauls in general seem a bit in your face, you feel? (I say as I have already posted a crafts haul– idk man, craft supplies seems less weird to me to haul- who knows aha) However, I personally love reading haul posts and watching hauls on Youtube (which is so weird because it’s literally people going ‘look at me, look at me’)(that was a reference to 10 Things I Hate About You- incase you’re a normal person who doesn’t rewatch that movie over and over again), so that’s why I decided to do one on clothes! (so original, so enlightening, how does she do it folks)

So, we went to a bunch of stores (and walked our butts off)(where’s my butt), yet only got stuff from Owl Fish and Charlotte Russe. This was weird for me because I never shop at these stores- like ever (besides one pair of sunnies from Owl Fish, which have miraculously disappeared recently, so it’s like it never happened aha). It’s not even that these stores are necessarily bad stores (even though I tend to think of Charlotte Russe as a little bit raunchy), I just never find things that I NEED at them. That being said, I was happily shocked to see what they had, and I think I got a few cool finds!

Let’s start with Owl Fish:

This cute little ‘Off to Better Weather’ halter top was my first find! I don’t own any halter tops, but I thought this one was pretty chill and flattering. I like how the image is a bit retro and rough. With this in mind, I thought it was funny that this more beat-up looking top was the most expensive one I got (gotta love being trendy right?). This top ended up being around $22.

This second find from Owl Fish is a cool grey, baggy shirt with that pretend-V-neck-with-built-in-choker vibe (what is that even called?)(idk but I dig it) and it has a hoodie! I love a good hoodie. Also, this is such a Californian look– like no one wearing this baggy af tee is going to need a hoodie, but we’ll pretend for us Californians’ sake that it has a purpose. This completely functional top was $18.

Now this is where some of you may question my taste, but it’s fine- it’s cool. I absolutely love this top (which if you couldn’t tell from the picture is completely transparent with the exception of some embroidered flowers and butterflies). For some reason it reminded me of this designer I follow on Insta (@marykatrantzou) when I first started following her with her A Fantasia pieces (idk why because now that I look back at the collection, this top really isn’t much like it at all aha- oh well). I plan to wear a bandeau (definitely had to look up how to spell that) with it, or an undershirt (aka the next top I got). This transparent bb was $20.

So interesting, a black ribbed spaghetti strap top. Like I said before, this is more for the previous top, but I actually really like how it looks just plain. Surprisingly, the scoop neck looks nice on me (I’m more of a V neck kind of a gal). This plain jane was $15.

Now onto Charlotte Russe!

Jean shorts are always a necessity for Summer. These ones are especially cool because they have a little bit of stretch in the waistband, which BLESS THE SHORT GODS for. I’m a very little bean, so after I eat anything my waist size changes quite a bit, from around a 0 or 2 to around a 4 or 6, but after everything goes back to normal a 4 or a 6 is too big for me. It’s a real first world problem, I know aha, but it’s still a problem! So bless for the stretch (my new motto)! These shorts were $20, which I don’t think is too bad for shorts!

Tube top city bb! It’s such a tube (wow, you’re such a tube, my new saying?) you can’t even tell from the pictures which is the front and which is the back aha (the heart pic is the front, incase you care). I really like these kind of throw-on/no-need-for-a-bra shirts. Fuck bras. Also, it’s a really chill look for the Summer, so I’m down. This tube of fabric was also $20.

Lastly, this stripe number was 50% off! If you didn’t know already, ya girl likes a good deal, so I was enticed. I really like the red color (which is unusual for me, because I generally dislike wearing red) along with the stripes (stripes are kind of my thing– as I look in my closet full of stripes), and I’ve been really into back details. Once I saw the back detail on this dress, I was sold. Plus, I love a good body-con shape. This is my version of a Summer dress haha, tight & bright & striped! The dress ended up being $12.50 with the sale!

I hope you guys liked seeing what kind of clothes I’ll be wearing this Summer! Hbu bb’s? Also, if you like these kind of hauls, please let me know! Plus, I tried my hand in photo editing with this post lol, is it a yay or a nay? Be real with me aha. Love ya guys!



46 thoughts on “Summer Clothes Haul! (5.26.17)

  1. You’ve got some really cute tops! I really like the floral embroidered transparent top!! Super cute. Whenever you wear that I’d love to see the outfit put together, do more of these posts☺️
    You did great with your editing! It was just fine.

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      1. I got the Canon Eos 750D! I’ve literally had it for half an hour and I’m already in love omg omg ❤
        If you're looking for something smaller and cheaper, I recommend the Canon S120 – it's literally the best compact I've ever seen/used/owned! If you're looking for something still small and cheaper but with the ability to add different lenses, I recommend the Canon Eos M

        (Also, I'm a Canon girl, could you tell?)

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      2. Ahhh if you need help with cameras, I’m your gal, I swear I research cameras for a hobby now aha ❤ Nikon are great and all, the school camera I use for school photography stuff is a Nikon: It's good quality, I just prefer Canon!

        Plus the first proper camera I brought (back in 2015) is a canon compact that I still use to this day! I use a Canon whenever I get freelance jobs and have just brought my first DSLR which is, funnily enough, a Canon camera so I may be a bit biased ❤

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      3. Thank you so much for all your help bb! I looked up the canon s120 and it looks bomb af😍 it looks pretty easy to use, especially since this is going to be my first actual camera lol

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  2. I love how you edited these photos, so cute! And you got some amazing things! I have that transparent top with the embroidered flowers on… but (I don’t wanna break ya heart here) I got it for £3.99 on eBay after someone on Instagram linked a seller doing them for super cheap! xxx

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