May Favorites (6.1.17)

Hey worms!

So it’s June now- what the heck. How are we already midway through the year? I’m shook.

Anyways, May actually turned out to be a fantastic month, filled with favorites! Also, I just realized I haven’t made one of these favorite posts since January (ooh that pro-blogging life is really showing off now)(yike), my bad, but I like these types of posts so why not get back into them?

Fair warning: some of these favorites are very random- but like it’s fine, who needs correlation?

  1. Olay MoisturizerIMG_5651

I have CRAZY sensitive skin when it comes to moisturizers (and only moisturizers). I can put any foundation, any make up remover, any cleanser, any anything on my face and it’ll be totally chill UNLESS its moisturizer- then it goes ape shit and feels like my entire face is melting off (totally cool)(love it). I’ve been looking for any kind of moisturizer that won’t put my face through hell, and hey look at that, I found one. The one thing I HATE about this moisturizer is that its from Olay- which tests on animals (of course- the one moisturizer that works for me has to be from a brand I dread supporting)(cool). So this is working for me now, but if anyone knows of a better one that doesn’t test on animals and works wonders on sensitive skin, hit your girl up!

2. BirdsIMG_5677 (2)

Yah. Birds. This is where my favorites turns a little random, but there have been so many birds around lately and they’re so cute and friendly! In the picture, I circled two doves just chilling outside my window like a couple of cuties. Also, I’m obsessed with how calming of a sound doves make. Their adorable- I can’t help it. Also, I was going for a walk and listening to music when “Humming Bird” by Alex Clare started playing in my ear buds- and no joke a humming bird was flying by me the entire song. It was magical (and no I wasn’t high aha). What can I say, I’m living for birds rn.


3. Disneyland + Star EarsIMG_5788

I’ve just been going to Disneyland lately, what can I say aha. I have a pass so I can literally go whenever (bless for Summer). Also, I got these star ears the day I finished finals (because I’m a fucking super star for finishing my first year of college aha)(how many times can I mention I finished my first year of college on this blog)(not enough my friends, not enough). I really dig them! They’re not super popular so I don’t see them on too many other people at Disneyland, which might be part of the reason I like them so much- but also they’re just cool. Let me be aha.


4. Wet n Wild Eye Palette 3d916de4fd400b6b53ba9efb563d2d420.jpg.750x750_q100

This palette is the bomb! You can make so many looks just off this one palette (future blog post possibly?) and it’s so freaking affordable. I’ve been using it all month and it’s perfection. Also, this favorite IS NOT tested on animals so bless! There are so many shimmery colors (which I’m a big fan of) but also enough mattes to make a whole look. Not to mention the lightest shade is literally my skin tone (yes, that white one that cannot be any whiter- that is me)(incase you were wondering aha). The 2 shades that the arrows are pointing to in the picture are my favorite(:

5. Rose Balm Dot ComIMG_5887

So this is an expensive lip balm pretty much. To be fair, it is really moisturizing and lasts for a while on your lips- but my favorite part about it is that it is rose! Rose anything is perfection. This lip balm smells so nice I want to eat it every time I put it on (but your girl has limits-don’t you worry aha). I’m a big fan of this product, but most Glossier products are overhyped- and all of them are overpriced. This is definitely a treat yourself kind of product.


6.Whittening Trident Gumth

There’s really no proof on my teeth that this gum helps whiten them, but it can’t hurt right? I’ve been chewing this stuff all month, so I thought I’d include it in my May favorites! Also, I’m not a fan of stick gum at the moment (probably because I’ve been chewing 5 gum for the longest time and I’M SICK AND TIRED OF IT)(wow, I just got way too emotionally invested in gum, chill the fuck out). So, if you’re tired of stick gum and want possibly whiter teeth, hit this ish up(:

So those are all my favorites this month! Have you guys tried any of these out? What are some of your favorites from May? Hit me up in the comments aha


bonus picture of my cat sticking her tongue out, because me too



27 thoughts on “May Favorites (6.1.17)

  1. My favourite of your favourites is definitely the birds 😀
    I love that you included that, I too have noticed lots of cute birds around, mostly little sparrows. They move too fast for me to get a nice photo of them though 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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