Cool Things that Happened in May (6.2.17)

Hey worms!

So I did one of these types of posts for April and you guys seemed to really like it (which was a win win for me because I like to reflect on the month and focus on the good things that happened). Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the negatives that we tend to forget the positives. This post is all about the positives that happened in May- I hope your May was just as cool, if not cooler(:

  1. Kayaking!

This month I’ve gone out kayaking twice and have decided its my new thing aha. My mom suggested it after going kayaking herself, and now we love it! There’s something so calming and relaxing about it- just being out there and going with the flow. I definitely don’Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor, nature and watert have any kind of arm muscles (I am an actual stick bug), so bless for a two person kayak. The first time we went this Summer was on my mom’s birthday- which was awesome because we only stayed out there for around an hour, but it made us want more. The second time we went- we pushed it a little too far- we stayed out in the sun for around 2 hours and everyone(parentals, me, and bf) got sunburned. For some odd reason, everyone sunburned like a normal person EXCEPT for me, who now has random stripes on my legs and one on my left arm (cute). I now look like a Zebra, no joke (I wish I was kidding). If you see a Zebra kayaking at any time, no worries, it’s just ya girl getting her kayak on.

2. Baking!IMG_5786

So, I bake? No, it can’t be true. It’s true people! I was on a baking kick this past month! Mind you, I never made anything crazy- but I still make some cookies and pretend donut holes! They definitely weren’t the prettiest baked goods I’ve ever seen, but they were baked goods nonetheless so they tasted great! Also, I never directly followed a recipe directly- high usage of short cuts- but they were still great! The point here is they were great, okay? Cool.

3. Going on Walks!IMG_5697

So, I exercise? No way. (damn, have some faith in me, people) Yes way! I started going on walks last month, because I was hella stressed over final exams, and I needed some kind of escape. I’m definitely not in shape (unless it is the shape of a stick, because need I remind you I am an actual stick bug), but it always feels good to get off your ass and actually do something. (who knew)(I’m a genius)(wow)(impressive, you walk)(bish)

4. Disneyland Outings!

So this isn’t a surprise (as I mentioned this in my May IMG_0499favorites), but it’s still noteworthy! Plus, I went on their newest attraction for Guardians of the Galaxy and PEOPLE IT’S GOOD! At first, I was pretty bummed out about the idea of getting rid of Tower of Terror, but now I’m just like BYE BISH. Tower of who? (rip tower). We only waited around 2 hours to get on, and at the time it was only open for a couple of days, so I thought that was pretty good! (I’ve waited 5 hours to go on a new ride before, so it takes a lot to break me lol)(you can do a lot with 5 hours)(and I spent them all waiting in line)(it’s cool)(I’m fine). Also, I saw a YouTuber at Disneyland! I don’t know if anyone reading this is going to know them, but their from a gaming channel called Funhaus and his name’s Lawrence! My boyfriend spotted him when we were leaving and I started freaking out a little bit (but I like IMG_5780to think I was still somewhat chill, you know, like a cool freak out)(no such thing?)(okay, you right). We didn’t actually go up to him (because he was with friends, and we didn’t want to intrude), but I did snag a stalker pic (because like I said, I’m so chill) of me poking his butt from a distance. Am I cool yet? No? It’s fine, I’m fine.


Okay- you guys are sick and tired of me saying this, I know, but humor me aha. It’s a big deal to me so let me just throw it in this post real quick, don’t mind me. I’m actually getting a degree in Being Subtle, can you tell? No? Only first year- what can I say aha.

6. Pirates!

Me and my bf went to go see the new Pirates of the Caribbean IMG_5828movie the day after it came out (lol-smart) and went to a theater that had reserved seats (sounds good) except we didn’t reserve seats (sounds not so good) and were given the choice of first row or second (ouch). Of course we chose second row, in hopes it would be decent (Hope? How adorable). Long story short (this is a short story actually so..), we sat 5 feet from the screen (the gray in the picture is the screen)(yah, my feet could nearly touch it)(row A was literally 2 feet from the screen- idek if that’s legal to be honest aha). Yah, it wasn’t the coolest- but the people in row B were hilarious, especially the dude sitting next to my bf who would randomly stand up and sit down, complain about his glasses, and then sit on the stairs, getting kicked off the stairs, and still freak the fuck out- we related and we were dying from laughter. The movie was alright, but row B squad was tight (literally, it was tight). (just seeing everyone’s reaction to row B, and hearing the many “what the fuck”s killed me)

MAY WAS CHILL (I wasn’t, but May was!). What did you guys do this May? Cooler and chiller things? Good on you aha let me know in the comments!


(I literally almost just typed out my name as ‘Aha’)(if this is not a sign, idk what is)(rip me)

**side note: I’m going to be posting every business day of June! Crazy! I know! I’ll tell you guys more in an update post soon(:

28 thoughts on “Cool Things that Happened in May (6.2.17)

  1. I’ve never been to Disneyland so lucky you☺️ I hope to someday. Congratulations on finishing your first year of college! You should feel proud ✨

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Looks like you had a seriously cool month, with a lot of cool things happening to you. But you finished your first year of college? Really? Haha, lol, just being sarcastic here ofcourse. I think you can say it as many times that you want. It is a great thing to achieve an something you should be proud of! 😊 As for the Pirates movie, I have yet to see it, but I hear it is at least better than the last few films. Which isn’t saying much I guess. I hope June will be a great month for you as well 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ayy that’s awesome! I don’t remember the last time I went to a baseball game (but to be fair, I’m not a real sporto aha), and congrats on finishing up your year of teaching! Best of wishes for June as well(:

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