Korean Snack Haul [FAIL] (6.6.17)

Hey worms,

**fair warning- I am full out sass in this post + I wrote this a little while back, but enjoy!

So my dearest friend (who shall not be named)(lol jk here’s his blog) decided to give me a bunch of Korean snacks because he’s a generous mofo and I like free shit (might be why we are friends)(jkjk how sad would that be)(v sad). Also, his parents got a bunch of free snacks from their job so he decided to give me some extras (aka the real motive being the free ish aha)(I ain’t shit).

At first I was very excited about free food, because free food is love- free food is life. Also it made great blogging material- new Korean snacks I had never tried before, sounds like a perfect post (I’m kind of a blogging expert so hmu)(as I still struggle with Word). HOWEVER, as I was starting to eat my variety of Korean snacks that my ever-so-gracious friend had given me I realized THEIR EXPIRATION DATE HAD PASSED WEEKS AGO (of course I realized this AFTER I already ate quite a few of them- kill me- if the snacks don’t already). Now I know some of you may think, what’s the big deal if it’s a little pass it’s prime time boo- I love old food. I’m sorry but I just can’t get down with the whole ‘this is illegal to sell in a store, but like its fine’ ordeal. When I told my friend (to warn him about the expiration dates), he already knew! He planned to kill me (it’s cool it’s fine)(I’m kidding of course-he’s not a murderer)Image result for sassy gif(I know you all were convinced otherwise)(me too). He said that he got them for free because they were expired, but because they were individually packaged, he claims they “don’t expire”- sounds completely logical and legit. Bish if they didn’t ever expire why is there a date?

**I am on a call with him right now and he continues to say how they don’t expire- boyyy

ANY WHO, I still ate some (before I knew of their dates) so I’m going to show you them and tell you about the ones I actually tried. I’d also be lying if I said I didn’t try to eat them after I read their dates because I am trash- but even this trashbag has standards.

So the Korean snacks in question were given in this suspicious metallic bag. Side note: I am very professional- if you couldn’t already tell from my quality photos of snacks in my bed because I was too lazy to get up- I take this very seriously.

First I tried these off-brand pocky shits (definitely what they are called) and they tasted just like what they were: expired, off-brand pocky. The one thing that saved this snack was this strange (I mean super hot lol for sure) group of boys (I mean total chick magnets) that just screamed ‘Hey bb girl, you like pocky? You can have mine any day of the week(;’

Seriously, why are they on the packaging? Somebody help me.

Next I tried these pretend oreos– do they look good to you? Would you eat them? No? Well ya girl did, and ya girl hated them. The pretty much tasted like dirt, so if you’re into that sort of thing, definitely hit this ish up. To be fair, maybe they would’ve been alright without their expiration date expiring (even though according to my friend they never expire hahahaha wrong)(damn, he is getting wrecked in this post)(my apologies)(lol jk- you tried to kill me). IMG_4913

Lastly (thank god), I tried this innocent-looking chocolate bar, because how the fuck can you mess up a chocolate bar? Oh, that’s right, (say it together class) EXPIRATION. This actually didn’t taste like anything- legit nothing. So if you are just feeling like you want some more diabetes in your life, without actually tasting the sugar (you know, the good part), this is the reject for you! ‘Premium Chocolate’ my ass.


As for the other snacks that were never tried? Sorry bish, I just cannot. Like I said before, even this trashcan has standards, and these snacks aren’t cutting it. (**I was planning to give them back to my friend, but I keep forgetting lol oops)(maybe because they taste like nothing and are unmemorable)(rip my friend)

I hope you guys enjoyed this failure of a Korean snack haul? Aha this is a lot of shade for one post, and I couldn’t stop laughing when I was writing it. Just to clarify, my friend is actually pretty bomb- but he tests me HAHA. Thank you for reading and let me know in the comments how you feel about expiration dates! Aka are you team this-trashcan-has-standards or team fuck-it-I’m-hungry?


18 thoughts on “Korean Snack Haul [FAIL] (6.6.17)

  1. Lol I laughed so hard when you said, “So if you are just feeling like you want some more diabetes in your life, without actually tasting the sugar (you know, the good part), this is the reject for you!” 😀

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  2. It depends on the food when it comes to expiry dates. Things like milk and meat, I am strict with. But if it’s a few days over then I’ll risk it. Weeks though?? Then yeah I’d rather not. I love Pepero though, I consider them the same as Pocky (I guess you have to have them when they haven’t been expired for weeks XD ).

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  3. Haha, this was a very funny post. It’s one of the first things I read today after waking up. Great start of the day 😊 As for your question I’m definitely on team “this trash can has standards” There is such a thing as taking things too far lol 😂 Great post!

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  4. Don’t ever apologize for being full out sass. I love your full out sassy style. 🙂 I tend not to eat stuff past its date, although I’m different with eggs. Most of the eggs I buy go into chocolate chip cookies that I bring to friends’ houses when they invite people over, and since I’m baking for others I don’t want to use substandard ingredients, but at the same time my eggs always end up not lasting until their date. I’ve heard that eggs last a while after their date, so if it’s only a few days I’ll use them anyway, and if it’s between 1-2 weeks I use the see-if-they-float test. Beyond that I usually just throw away any remaining eggs.

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