An Ode to my Bug Bites (6.8.17)


Dearest bugs, can’t get enoughtumblr_static_2hbw9jo0sx8gcgo0k8k0sg44c

Your bites make my skin quite rough

They make me sad, they make me itch

Frankly, they turn me into a bitch.

Dearest bugs, can’t get enough

I don’t have time for this stuff

I think you’re done biting me


yet wake up with another three.

Dearest bugs, can’t get enough

I don’t blame you if you’re in love

I understand, my skin must be sweet

because as of late, that’s all you eat

Dearest bugs, can’t get enoughtenor

why bother with all this fluff

ya girl is tired, ya girl is done

Fuck it, you bugs have won.

But for real, sos. I currently have around 10 bites scattered along my hot bod, somebody help me.


28 thoughts on “An Ode to my Bug Bites (6.8.17)

  1. I can relate. Bugs are magnetised to me. Fiji was amazing, except for the fact that I got bitten around 30 times, and no I’m not exaggerating 😦 Even back home, I get bitten more often than those around me..

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  2. Wow…/that really can be annoying indeed. I especially hate the sound those things make when I am trying to catch some sleep. I always try and kill them off if I hear them, but the things can be fast as hell too….uugh so annoying. Hope things well go better soon….take care 😊

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  3. I can honestly relate to this soooo much! This is the main reason why I leave my bedroom door closed! So sorry about the bites, I know they’re itchy and all that and it’s the worst things about summer but that poem was awesome and so funny! πŸ™‚ ❀

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      1. I feel that! My room is too small for a stand up fan so I’m an old-fashion window-open kind of gal aha (so vintage, so chic), but I’ll burn up if it means no bugs lol

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