Birthday Cat Thoughts (6.12.17)

Hey worms,Image result for birthday bitch gif

So it was my birthday yesterday (holla), and I was out with my fam and bf for dinner (conveyor belt sushi might I add)(it’s like a luggage return at an airport, except it’s food and you’re happy to be there). Somewhere in all our conversation we mentioned my cat, Keke (also known as Keek, Keeks, Keeker, Loaf of cat, Keke cat, Keekers, Rug of love- literally anything will do)(ohmygod, I almost forgot to mention her ACTUAL name is Maddy, Keke is just a nickname, Maddison when my mom’s mad at her, okay continue), and my boyfriend said something along the lines of, “But it’s not Keke’s birthday, or maybe it is” and then I was SHOOK. When the hell is my cat’s birthday? Is it on mine? Is it the day after mine (aka today)? Is it sometime this month? SOS.

For some background info, my cat is old (the end). We got her when she was already 6, and we’ve had her for about 6-7 years (is it bad we don’t remember exactly when we got her?)(honestly, she just popped up in our lives and can’t find a way out)(gotta love cats, am I right?). We’ve never known Keek’s backstory, but we have made up quite a few. One of the first ones was that she came from England, where she got her prissy side (and her Miss Priss nickname) from so many tea parties in so little time. Sometimes my mom thinks Keek has had kids of her own and that she was a good mom (but I think that’s just her reflecting herself onto Keeks). Sometimes I think of Keke in the slums somewhere and being a little cat gangster in her young days, because back then she could take anything down. Now, she’s the chilliest cat of all time- bless old age. Plus, we’re best friends (said every cat owner ever for some reassurance), we actually are though! She only likes to play with me and she puts up with a lot from me (aha I bet none of you are shocked), that she wouldn’t put up with for just anyone.

This was Keke last night, sporting my hair band on her tail and an adhesive googly eye on her ear- I’m her stylist, so if you guys want any help with style just hmu.

Like I said, she puts up with a lot.

Anyways, her birthday has always been a mystery. She seems the happiest during December (she adores Christmas trees), so we always assumed that was her birth month, but who the heck knows! I don’t think we ever will know for sure, and she’s a pretty humble cat so she doesn’t care (or she doesn’t know what a birthday is, same thing- I’m going with humble). Besides, everyday is Keke day, that cat is so damn loved.

No fucks given.

Speaking of mysteries, I’m about to head out to go to an escape room with some friends as a bday celebration. I’s my first escape room so I have no idea what to expect aha- wish me luck! Have any of you been to an escape room before? Also, do any of you know when my cat’s birthday is? Please give me a date in the comments aha, it would make my day.



38 thoughts on “Birthday Cat Thoughts (6.12.17)

  1. Happy birthday, cutest, sassiest, funniest girl in the world. You, not the cat. She looks like her birthday is October, 23rd. Okay, maybe I’m trying to impose my birthday on your cat. Anyway, how old are you? And what the fuck is an escape room? I hope you’re not getting in trouble haha love ya

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    1. HAHA thank you so much bb💜 I agree she looks a bit Halloweeny and I’m 19! The big 1 9 aha and 😂😂an escape room is where they trap you in a room with clues and you have a certain amount of time to get out- now that I think about it, who came up with this shit?


  2. Happy Birthday for yesterday!! I have two cats – Monty and Jasper – and I give them shortened nicknames too – Mont, monty mont, jasp, jasprings etc. – so I feel a lot more normal now that you do too! also I had no idea what an escape room was until now but omg it sounds fun have a great timee

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  3. Woohoo..even though it was yesterday, congratulations on your birthday . I hope you had fun and a great day. An escape room is great fun. I went to one a couple of months ago with my work, and I had a blast. We also managed to escape because of me finding the final clue, which was even more awesome lol 😂
    As for your cat’s birthday, if yours was on the 18 th, why not give your cat a birthday on the 1 st of August? That way the number 18 returns. 1 for the first day of the month, and 8 for the eight month of the year 😊 Just an idea ofcourse. Goodluck on the escape..hope you will have fun 😀

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    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes! We managed to escape the room and it was hella fun(: definitely want to try a horror one for Halloween, even though I’ll probably die, it’s chill haha. Also I like your thinking on my cat’s bday, it would actually have to be January first because my bday’s the 11th, but I see your strategy aha I dig it!


  4. Ooh an escape room sounds like fun! I’ve always wanted to try one, but I lowkey think I would suck. Also, is your birthday on June 11?? And from reading the comments, I gather you turned 19??? Cause if all that’s true, you have the EXACT same birthday as my brother. He was born on June 11, and he just turned 19. Freaky. You guys are birthday twins. Anyway, I hope you’re still not stuck in that escape room. I think your cat’s birthday should be June 11, just cause I’m still freaking out about it, and so everyone should have the same birthday now 🙂

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