After Birthday Thoughts + Blue Sky Tag (6.13.17)

Hey worms,

So first off, I just want to say thank you for all the birthday wishes- you guys are truly the best! I also want to say that I’m drinking thai iced tea right now, that I got as a gift from one of my friends, and it has the weirdest after taste- as long as its in my mouth it’s fine, so I’m just going to keep it in my mouth for the rest of eternity, cool? Cool. Also, another one of my friends got me this giraffe mug, with a tiny giraffe in it- which is cute af-, but it kind of looks like the giraffe is bleeding in my mug and I’m drinking it- it’s fine, it’s chill.

You can also see some gifts in the background from my bf- a little Groot POP figure and a DIY Treat Yo Self mug, because he gets me (find yourself a man who will be the Tom to your Linda, from Parks and Rec-incase you’re swine).

Anyways, my birthday turned out to be a lot of fun and super chill- which is what I was going for this year, I needed some chill.

Now for the Blue Sky Tag!(because that’s what this post was supposed to be, but I’m stillImage result for you babes gif all birthday all the time at the moment lol). The absolutely fabulous, freaking fantastic Elena has tagged me for the Blue Sky Tag! Woot Woot! To be fair, she tagged me a little while back, but like I keep telling you babes, I’m playing catch up of the gods. Elena is super cool and is also a lifestyle blog! She does a little bit of photography, a little bit of reading, a little bit of this a little bit of that started with a kiss now we’re up to bat that’s from a song (linked), just to make sure you guys don’t think I’m mental. Make sure to check out Elena’s blog! She’s a babe!

As far as rules go, haven’t heard of them. Haha but actually, I didn’t see them on Elena’s post so I’m just going to answer her 11 questions and then give my nominees 11 questions, sound good? Cool.

Elena’s Questions:

What makes your day wonderful?Image result for chilling at home gif

I love the adjective ‘wonderful’, and it really depends on my mood that day. I think days at home just chilling are wonderful af, but I also like hanging out with friends and family. (**Side note: I just took the last sip of my Thai tea and it had a bunch of coffee bean bits in it because my Keurig is an old bish, so I just spat it back out on the giraffe)(This giraffe has been through a lot today, first surrounded by blood then get’s spat on, it’s fine it’s cool). Right now I’m craving days spent at home, but I never seem to put time aside for myself in the Summer because I want to see literally everyone I don’t see during school- and it’s freaking impossible.

How many books have you read in May? (if any?)

I’m going to change the question to June, because I literally don’t remember May already, sos. Two actually! Expect a book review coming up this week (aha spoilers).Image result for fruit gif

What is your favorite snack?

I like fruit. Any fruit, hit me the fuck up. Wait- I lied-, grapefruit can choke.

Are you planning your blogpost ahead or writing spontaneously?Image result for im busy gif

This month I decided to plan it out because I’m blogging daily, but usually it’s all spontaneous aha. That being said, I’ve been shit at following my plan this month and have said ‘fuck the schedule’ many times already. I don’t know- when you want to write something then I think you should, no matter the schedule, ya feel?

Which post are you most looking forward to writing?

Lemme just give that schedule a quick peek, don’t mind me- ooooh I actually have a post that explains why I was gone all of March that I’m looking forward to posting. March was an interesting month, let me tell you, aha.

What do you like most about summer?Image result for deep breath gif

Having time to actually live. I never understood how laid back my high school years were until college kicked my ass, and continues to kick my ass. In college it feels like I barely have time to breathe, so it’s been nice breathing this Summer lol. Even though I have Summer classes, I can at least see friends and family now(:

Have you bought any new summer clothes that you wanna show us?

I think I showed you most of my new stuff in my Summer Clothes Haul, so not really. I don’t go on too many clothes shopping sprees. I like clothes and all, but it doesn’t excite me as much as it used to. I remember in middle school, all my allowance went to shopping for clothes- it was ridiculous. Also, I have way too much clothes at the moment, so it seems silly to buy more.

Which is your favorite sport and why?Image result for olympics gymnastics gif

Gymnastics, by far. I love watching the Olympics and seeing the girls’ floor routines, they give me chills every time. I used to do gymnastics as a kid (says every girl ever), and it was a lot of fun!

Is there a movie you absolutely want to see yet?

Honestly, I can’t think of any at the moment. I’m not that crazy about movies, and I rarely even know what’s out in theaters. Maybe I’d see Valley of the Dolls (it’s an old one, which doesn’t excite me, but I absolutely adore the book)(it’s one of my favorites!).

What is your current favorite song?

This is a hard one (says everyone ever), but that Inspiration song, by Miley Cyrus, has been stuck in my head ever since I saw her sing it at the One Love concert (the concert in response to Manchester). It was so moving, the lyrics, the crowd, everything.Image result for lil dicky pillow talking gif

But also I just found out about Lil Dicky and his song Pillow Talking makes me die from laughter.

How are you doing today?

I’m doing great today! I’m chilling for a couple hours and then going to a bonfire, so life’s pretty good.

My nominees:Image result for Excited Clap GIF





Jasmine (she actually just rebooted her blog, so give it a look!)

My Life Online

Jo Smith



If I missed you, straight up tell me in the comments and I’ll nominate you. This tag is your tag, this tag is my tag, from California, to the New York Islands- or further to wherever the heck you are (if you’re not from the United States, idek if you’d know this song, but I swear I’m not mental- again)

My questions:

  1. Finish this sentence:  You’re the ______ to my ______.
  2. How do you feel about children?
  3. If you had to move out of your country, what country would you go to?
  4. What do you want for your birthday? (that’s my birthday brain talking again lol)
  5. What’s your favorite movie genre?
  6. What are your five most used Emojis right now?
  7. Tell me a dad joke.
  8. Would you rather live in a world where all cancer is cured or one with world peace?
  9. Who is your least favorite Disney princess?
  10. What is your last picture taken on your phone?
  11. If you could switch blogs with anyone, who would you switch with?

Thanks for reading! Feel free to answer some of these questions in the comments(: I always love reading your answers!







34 thoughts on “After Birthday Thoughts + Blue Sky Tag (6.13.17)

  1. OMG where do you get your gifs?! 😁. BTW, college tho, ikr 😒. I must admit though, I’m getting super lazy already. Most importantly thanks for the nomination!!! ❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That poor giraffe mug. If you keep mistreating it I may take it myself 👀
    I also change my schedule up a lot. If just depends what I feel like sometimes you know. For instance I wrote my shoe post three weeks ago and kept shifting it around till it finally got posted today 😂
    Thanks for the nomination! I’ll get to it soonish 😄

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love the gifts!! (Poor giraffe.) I also LOVE watching the floor routines!!! That one and actually vault. 😂 I have a schedule I set up at the beginning of the month but if I want I change it because I write what I damn well please haha. Also thank you for the tag!!!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you so much for nominating me!! And oh my gosh it was your birthday? Did you mention it before and I didn’t notice? I’m so sorry!! Happy birthday😄❤

    Liked by 1 person

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