CROATIA 101 (6.16.17)

Hey worms,

So when I was thinking about places to talk about on this month’s 101 post, I remembered watching this trash reality tv show (that I love with all my heart) called ‘Below Deck’ (Anyone?). The show is all about this deck crew on a yacht, and the other week they went to Croatia! Woah, no way, it all ties in.

First I had to check if anyone from Croatia has even seen my blog, and hell yah they have! A solid 17! What can I say, I’m kind of a big deal in Croatia. Croatia freaking loves me. Image result for croatia flag

I’ll be honest, the first time I saw the flag of Croatia, I thought it was a pineapple. This is why my Croatian following is so high. Because I’m high.

Now where in the world is Croatia?

Image result for croatia on world mapImage result for croatia on world mapAyy! We’re no longer in the south! Bless up!

Let’s just get straight into what got my interested in Croatia: the Krka Falls.

They’re crazy beautiful! The minute I saw them, I instantly put them on my bucket list. I love them because they look like steps/stairs of waterfall, and I’ve never seen anything like them before in my life! There’s just so much falling water everywhere you look, it’s insane.Image result for i dont fuck with you gif

So how would I get there? I just looked up times from LAX to Croatia, and it’s only about 20 freaking hours. Cute. You’re funny. Basically spending a whole day in an airplane? Rip.

What language do Croatians speak? Croatian (wow I’m stupid), Bosnian, and Serbian. I also found out that most Croatians speak multiple languages which are most commonly English, German, or Italian. From what I’ve gathered, there would be no problem visiting Croatia if I don’t know Croatian. Bless.

What is the currency in Croatia? Croatia · CurrencyCroatian Kuna. One Kuna breaks down into 100 lipas (similarly to the U.S dollar breaking down into 100 pennies). The value of this currency is around 1 U.S dollar to 6.61 Croatian Kune. There are some exceptions to the Croatian Kuna, and certain items can be bought with euros- such as private accommodations, taxis, some small restaurants, etc.

What about a time difference? California is 9 hours behind Croatia, so basically Croatia knows the future- Croatia is the future. Don’t mess with Croatia.

What is the capital of Croatia? Zagreb, which looks a little something like this:Image result for zagreb croatiaThe Zagreb Cathedral can pretty much be seen from any place in Zagreb, and it’s absolutely stunning. Another place to add to the bucket list(:

Anyways, that about ends this 101 post for Croatia! Have any of you ever been to Croatia? Do you know any other cool facts about Croatia? Hmu in the comments aha.


**Side note: I missed a post yesterday, v sad, I know aha. I’ll be post one tomorrow to make up for it, don’t worry about it (no one noticed? It’s fine aha).


17 thoughts on “CROATIA 101 (6.16.17)

  1. I speak Serbian, but once when I was watching Croatian TV, it was very similar to Serbia but it was probably Croatian. I watch Below Deck Med. every Tues. on Bravo! Such a good show, and they actually filmed those falls in the latest episode.

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  2. I grew up learning of Croatia as part of Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia broke up in the early 90s, when I was in high school, if I remember right. And my brother and his friends had some inside joke about Croatia that I never quite understood, but he always thought Croatia was funny.

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      1. Haha! When I lived in Davis, there was this little apartment building on the older side of town called “Canadian Apartments,” and I always thought that was a funny name. Hold that thought…

        One time my family was coming up to visit me for the day, and for some reason they had been driving around for a while before they came to meet me; probably because it was a Sunday and they got there early and I wasn’t home from church yet, or something like that. I said something later about where I was going to live next year, or something like that, and my brother goes “I hope you’re not moving to the Canadian Apartments.” I had never told him about that, and he just happened to notice it while they were driving around and thought it was a funny name too. Then he said something like “It’s probably better than living in the Croatian Apartments.” Every time my family goes on a trip somewhere, it seems like we end up with some hilariously silly you-had-to-be-there inside joke, and Croatian Apartments became the inside joke of that trip.


  3. Croatia is a nice country! Unfortunately I haven’t been there but my grandma – yeah. She bought for me lots of gadgets there, haha and some sweets 😛 I’d like to visit Croatia one day.

    There is also Hvar Island where lots of lavender grows and it smells really nice ❤ I have some scent bags from Hvar, haha.

    Great post 🙂

    Have a nice day ❤


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