Captioning Puberty Pictures of Myself (6.19.17)

Hey worms,

So today I faced my first day of Chemistry- which will now consume my entire life and I have no idea how I’m going to make this ‘daily blogging’ thing work, but lol just going to hope for the best. Basically my entire day has been jam packed with school and studying and taking tests and I’m ready to have a good laugh. Which brings me to this post- what better way to laugh than to cringe at old pictures of myself? You’re welcome. I feel like as long as I’m posting the pictures, there’s not as much shame involved, you know? Because I’m in control? Ha, no this is going to be bad news. I’m just going to start from the oldest pictures on my laptop and hope for the best/worst.

Also, not all of these pictures will be of myself, but they all are taken by me, and since I was born a photographer (ha) they’re complete works of art. I’d like to point out that these are my middle school years– aka puberty- aka I look rough. Enjoy.

IMG_0155Caption: I just sniffed a line off of my cat’s ear, [hot wheels] beat that.

  • I’d also like to add that almost nothing from that picture is the same as today (pink room, décor, hair, face lol, etc).
  • I think this was taken 7 years ago. Cute

IMG_0478Caption: When you finish a tv series and don’t know whether to cry because it’s over or be happy that it happened.

  • The teeth. The fucking teeth.
  • This was a pic I forgot to delete while taking a bunch of selfies. Never forget to delete those, kids.
  • Also one of my dear, dear friends called me coconut head. True friendship, right there.


Caption: When bae doesn’t call you back and you thirsty af (that water bottle though).

  • Shout out to CamWow for inspiring pubescent me to take more unnecessary selfies. Sos.

023Caption: Fake-glasses, hipster-trying fetus debating whether to become a furry or not.

  • This was taken at my grandma’s house in secret because I thought I was hipster af and deserved a photoshoot. Somebody help me.

002Caption: Alli’s emo art: I wish this was me & my emo crush (aka main OTP).

  • If you didn’t think I was trash before, this is the tipping point.
  • Along with my shitty doodles, I wrote so many poems about this dude, pouring my heart out to him. Why? A question I have yet to find an answer to.

005Caption: I have no friends except for myself in the reflection of this dinosaur of a TV, please electrocute me.

  • Yah, there are really no words for this ridiculousness.
  • Pity me.

012Caption: How to get away with no make-up, super natural, no one will notice.

  • I’d still do this today, who am I kidding.
  • Also, do we see how studious I am- I swear I’m smart ahaha.

008Caption: When you’re so extra you have over 60 Webkinz hanging in a net, shit all over your walls, and your cat has their own bed with sheets.

  • I’d like to point out that the bed is a guest bed, and I still take it out just for my cat sometimes.
  • I wasn’t lying when I told you she gets everything.

I hope some of these pictures and captions made you guys laugh- mostly so my embarrassment wasn’t for nothing aha. Like I said before, these are pictures of me mid puberty, so in a way this is an inspirational post haha- there’s hope for everyone to look not-trash (my way of saying good aha)! There were much more embarrassing pictures on this laptop that made me cringe to a whole ‘nother level, but maybe we can get to those in a part 2 post? Let me know in the comments(:



29 thoughts on “Captioning Puberty Pictures of Myself (6.19.17)

  1. This was hilarious, we’ve all taken photos of ourselves at that age, especially nowadays since cameras are everywhere. The earliest ‘selfies’ I have are 10 years ago, and they’re all horrifying, I was such a weird 13-16 year old 😀

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  2. Well, there was nothing wrong with these pictures at all 😊 Sure, you might laugh at them, but hey we all have had pictures taken that has us in embarassing situations at times (Quite a recently I had a picture of me taken when I was bowling and dropped the ball behind me, and as such it looked as if I was bowling backwards (don’t laugh lol 😂😂). Thanks for sharing these 😀

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