What Do I Think About Art Tag (6.22.17)

Hey worms!

Would you look at that, an actually unique tag! I’m super stoked about this one because it’s about art, and ya girl loves art (this maybe why a good chunk of my friends are art majors??)(now I’m thinking of literal chunks of my friends- that’s nasty)(why do I do this). Anyways, major thanks to my good blogging friend Angela! She’s actually the coolest chick and if you don’t follow her, your feed is incomplete. Sorry not sorry. She’s a blogging queen, and honestly so inspirational. Hit that ish up!


  • Copy the piece of art given to you by your nominator into the post, as well as these rules
  • Analyze the piece of art given to you and what it means to you (you can be as abstract as you like)
  • Nominate 5 people to analyze another piece of art of your choice

Angela’s Art Pick:

Image result for street art concrete

My Analysis:

Same. Me too. Look at that smirk though, Mona Lisa who? Haven’t heard of her. I can’t decide whether it’s a girl or a guy- maybe that’s just art. I also really like how they made this piece based off an existing tree, but the pessimist in me is saying ‘but what happens if the tree gets messed up?‘- what happens during Fall when all the leaves die off and there’s just naked branches? Like bish, mother nature just snatched your weave, look out. Then again, I think the piece would still look cool without the tree- bald is beautiful. The art style itself is really well-done and thought-out. You can tell the artist had a vision and wasn’t just tagging a wall. I also like the painted bricks and how there are gradually less and less of them on the sides. As far as a meaning, I genuinely feel like this person is saying ‘test me bish’, not even to be funny, that’s just what I get from it. The person looks so confident and comfortable in their own skin (and big hair), it’s pretty dope. Overall, I really like the piece- it’s definitely something new and unique, mad respect.

My Art Pick: Image result for the kiss painting

This is called: The Kiss by Gustav Klimt 

This painting is actually one of my favorites (if not my absolute favorite), and I have a poster of it up on my closet right now. Every time I look at it I see something new, and to me that means it’s a fucking fantastic piece of art. I hope you guys like it too!

My nominations:

Anyone and everyone who comments on this post!

I think this is such a fun tag, so I want everyone to be a part of it! Also, I really want to read what people think about The Kiss, lol sue me. Make sure to comment! I see you boo!



16 thoughts on “What Do I Think About Art Tag (6.22.17)

  1. Ah yay! I just saw this on my notifications, I’m glad you did the tag! It’s super unique right?? I love it! I’m glad you liked my art pick, I have no idea where it comes from or who did it but it’s so cool 😀

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  2. Hello Alli, just came to yours from Angela’s. Enjoyed reading the piece on Oman for sentimental reasons and this art tag too. Klimt is indeed precious and The Kiss is worthy of a new interpretation every time. Cheers.

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