My Thoughts on School Dress Code [COLAB] (6.27.17)

Hey worms!

I’d like to point out that I just painted my nails, so I am going to be typing this post very carefully with wet nails, because why would I think that far ahead? (I’m so smart it hurts sometimes).

Anyways! Guys, I’m actually so excited for this post because it’s Image result for celebrate gifa colab! A motha freaking colab! My very first colab in fact, so it’s going to be extra fire. Not to mention it’s with one of the coolest gals ever, Jo from The Inquisitive Writer! The link provided goes directly to her post about school uniforms and I definitely recommend checking her out right after this!

So, let’s get into why dress code should choke. (are we on an elevator because that escalated quickly)(I’ll leave)

As I look back into my days of dress code  (bless college freedom), it’s hard to tell whereImage result for work gif they even start. I mean I know for sure I did not have a dress code in elementary school because we all had very ‘unique’ senses of style back then. I mean my next-door neighbor boy could show up in all girl’s clothes (that would break high school dress code- meaning spaghetti straps) and no one cared. I remember a girl wanted to wear just a bra in first grade, and so she did. Nothing was even said. To be fair, we were all kids at that point and no one knew how to dress.

May be that’s why  dress code was so strict in middle school- because when we grow up and live our adult lives, wearing more than a bra is a nice thought. I mean could you imagine interviewing for an office job in just a skirt and bra? (I mean idk, maybe it’s a strategy). However, this being said dress code quickly went from helping-kids-know-what to-wear-in-society to girls-cover-everything-or-else-you’re-a-hoe-bag (which I DO NOT support).

It’s ridiculous to think while young girls got sent home guidelines of how to dress properly, young boys get to give 0 fucks. I understand that, in general, girls have more clothing options- but why is that a bad thing? Believe it or not, if you wear spaghetti straps, you’re not an instant slut- I know, insane. Yet, that’s exactly what schools taught us. I legitimately was worried about wearing spaghetti straps in public after high school because school had engraved the idea that spaghetti straps meant you were purposely showing off your body- which is not true at all! And if you do want to show off your body, why is that so bad? No wonder so many girls have issues with their bodies nowadays- because school teaches them that their bodies are shameful! Image result for happy body gif

The truth is that bodies are not something to be ashamed of– we all have bodies (hopefully not in your closet, because that would actually be a bad thing). I truly believe that dress codes have done more harm than help. If the real intention behind school dress codes was to help teach us how to dress in the real world- they have fucking failed their goal. With that in mind, I can only come up with one other reason for them to exist, which would be for the boys not to get distracted by the girls’s bodies- and that’s really fucked up. Is it worth slut-shaming and devaluing girls and their bodies just so that boys will be less distracted in class? Because last time I checked, middle school boys are already distracted af, and I don’t see how they could get much worse. Plus, who hasn’t seen a shoulder? Or legs? Like I said before, we all have bodies, so why would that be so distracting to other students?

Image result for done gif

Now, I’m going to end this post on a joke, because that’s who I am.

Some other rules I remember from my middle school and high school dress codes:

  • no hats
  • all bottoms had to go pass your finger tips when arms are completely straight down your sides
  • no sleeves that were less than 2 fingers wide
  • crop tops are controversial (hope you don’t get too noticed)
  • shoes could not have more that 8 shoelace holes (bye boots)

What Staff members thought if you violated these rules:

Hats: You’re an instant gang member, super dangerous. You probably belong to 4 mafias, one of which you are the leader of. If we don’t change this now, you’ll get a grill tomorrow and a full sleeve of tattoos by 4:20 today- after you do some hard drugs with those mafia mutts.

Wearing Shorts: Girl, he’s not that into you- who are you trying to impress? Ima bet by the age of 17 you’ll be out selling your body on the streets to those hat-wearers. Legs mean sex. Plus, you’re a bimbo- I am saving this child.

Thin Shirt Straps: Arms!? If legs meant prostitution, arms mean you’re not even selling your body on the streets- you’re free and asking for it. You know what they say, arms are the windows to your boobs. (that made no sense, but neither does dress code so it works)

Crop Tops: Do you have daddy issues? Because it shows. It all shows.

8 Hole Shoes: The more holes in your shoes = the more angsty you are. You’re just waiting to pounce. Not to mention, those extra holes will make the boys get frisky thoughts- so we can’t risk it.

Like I said before, that last bit was all a joke so I hope no one takes it to heart. If you have any dress code stories or any sort of input on them, I’d love to read about it in the comments! Don’t forget to go check out Jo’s post on her blog (linked at the top of the post)!


30 thoughts on “My Thoughts on School Dress Code [COLAB] (6.27.17)

  1. That shoe hole rule is just bananas. Why is that a thing? I don’t recall dress codes for any of my school days. I wore a uniform from middle school on, and I didn’t mind it. (mostly cause that means I didn’t have to think about what to wear, so maybe I was just lazy). I do get your points about these crazy rules doing more harm than good. I feel happy to never have experienced any of it

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    1. Right? What does it matter how many shoe holes we have? And ay that’s cool(: Jo’s post is all about uniforms so it’s just like you! Haha I’m still happy I got to pick what I wore though- even if all my outfits were cringey af haha

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  2. From a teacher’s perspective… There was a time when dressing nicely to go anywhere outside your house was a cultural norm, and school dress codes are probably more a remnant of that than anything else.

    And as for the girls vs, boys thing, I’ve gotten plenty of boys written up for having inappropriate messages on their shirts. My favorite story related to this: On one Monday morning in 2005ish, this boy shows up to school with a t-shirt that had a cartoon drawing of a Chihuahua peeing on a Border Patrol van and the caption “No me vale madre la migra” (Spanish slang for “I don’t give a F about the Border Patrol”). I sent him to the office to change. He must have spent the weekend at the Inappropriate Spanish T-Shirt Outlet Store or something, because he showed up the next day with a t-shirt of the same Chihuahua drunk and stoned, and the caption “Por qué beber y manejar cuando puedes fumar y volar?” (“Why drink and drive when you can smoke and fly?”) After I wrote him up and made him change again, he never tried to get away with any inappropriate t-shirts again.

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    1. If its from the past I think it should stay in the past lol, just me. Aha yah that’s true, guys can’t wear ridiculous tshirts like that, but those shirts are actually inappropriate whereas spaghetti straps and shorts aren’t. I get your point though(: It’s nice to read another perspective.

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  3. This was so fun to read. All through my life (elementary, middle and high school) I’ve worn uniforms to school,which I didn’t always like but it definitely saves a lot of time picking out clothes.
    College however is a different ballgame. We have this set of dress codes that are really annoying and unfairly focused on girls. Girls aren’t allowed to wear trousers, all skirts and dresses are to be below the knee, hairstyles of any kind shouldn’t pass shoulder level, no sleeveless clothes, don’t even think of wearing cropped clothes, no clothes with cutouts, no earrings, no nail Polish, no colored hair extensions….. The list is like a page long! Drives me crazy sometimes 😒

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    1. Ohmygod what the heck! My experience with college is the complete opposite! How crazy! We have literally no rules, so that’s insane to me how intense those rules are. I was especially shaken at that hairstyle one, like what the heck let them be aha ❤

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  4. I totally agree! Honestly, it’s not up to the school to parent the student, that’s the parent’s job. School is strictly there to teach the materials, not waste time discriminating against girls getting an education! (I feel strongly about this!)

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  5. Loved this Alli! “If the real intention behind school dress codes was to help teach us how to dress in the real world- they have fucking failed their goal.” Made me laugh out loud. Nice job on the collab!

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  6. I LOVED this post!! It’s sooooooo true! My middle school wouldn’t allow girls to wear tops that show their shoulders!!! Like ?!? Are my shoulders that sexy?!? If they were,I’m pretty sure I would have gotten a modeling contract by now! Lol thanks for letting me rant! xoxo-Brooke 😋💕

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  7. Thank you! I was thinking of writing a post about this after I watched a bunch of girls in my class slut shame another girl because she wasn’t following a dress code. Every time I get frustrated at these type of things, my friends tell me to stop being offended so easily and I shouldn’t care but I really can’t not care because this is encouraging body shaming people.

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    1. Exactly! I couldn’t have said it better- “encouraging body shaming”. It’s ridiculous. Schools should teach us things that will help us in the future, not things that will harm us. Thank you for the lovely comment bb ❤

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  8. My school wasn’t too bad when it came to dress codes but I have heard such sexist horror stories that infuriate me so much. Thank you so much for collabing and shedding some light on this! I have some girl friends that were well endowed from an early age and they should not ever ever ever feel sexualised or ashamed of how they look – especially as a child!! It is outrageous! xxxx

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  9. I agree with all this, I LUUVED this post!! XD I don’t really follow the dress code, I kinda just do my thing. Also, everyone in my school wears sweatpants every day LOL 😛 Awesome collab!!!! XD ❤

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