Celebratory Q&A (6.29.17)

Hey worms!

I’m so excited to be able to do this Q&A so soon (literally a day after I announced it, you guys are complete and total babes <3)! As many of you know, this Q&A is to celebrate our worm fam of 500 (so many worms, so little time aha). I keep thinking to myself, ‘that’s a worm for every day of Summer’ (you know, like the movie 500 Days of Summer)(one of my faves)(Was it a stretch? Yes, yes it was)(just like me)(jk, I’m not flexible at all)(WHAT A TANGENT, AM I RIGHT)(i’m back bishes).

Off of Insta:

How many sparkles is too many sparkles?✨✨✨Image result for edward cullen shiny gif

Bish, bring on the sparkles. My body is ready. Make me Edward Cullen. Shine bright like a diamond.

If you could choose between being a fairy and a mermaid, which would you choose?💖Image result for fairy children chapter book

To be honest, fairy. I’m actually so happy that fairy was a choice- fairies are so underrated. No hate towards mermaids (ay Ariel, bb, what’s good). I mean, baby Alli would’ve died to be a fairy (actually tho)(I was obsessed). I literally read only fairy books as a kid (that and Lizzie McGuire comics, because this bish has priorities). My best friend got a book all about how to find fairies and it was like my bible- we haven’t found any yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

What is your favorite fictional character? 

Okay this is WAY too hard of a question. But currently it’s Jared from Silicon Valley because that guy fucks.

What’s the most ridiculous thing someone has tricked you into believing?

Well, once upon a time I believed clam chowder didn’t contain any clams, it was all just ‘clam flavoring’ (similarly to how Top Ramen has ‘chicken flavoring’ or ‘shrimp flavoring’). When I finally realized that there were actual clams in clam chowder (the name should’ve given it away honestly) I died inside. That was at the beginning of my switch to being a vegetarian so I felt extremely guilty (mind you I was probably around 9 years old)(old enough to know clam chowder contains clams)(idiot). My brother brings this up quite often- “Wait, there’s clams in clam chowder?” (roast me)Image result for idiot gif

Off of WordPress:

What’s your favorite and least favorite tv and/or movie 🍿?

My favorite movie has changed a few times but I think I’m going to have to stick with the one that took over a period of my life, 500 Days of Summer (you know, the movie I mentioned before)(I swear it’s coincidence aha). I watched that movie for the first time at a point in my life where I needed it the most (it become my bible replacement after fairies aha). It’s a movie where I always think of what could’ve happened differently to make it a love story, and I come up with new things every time. That’s the best part, it makes me think.Image result for 500 days of summerAs for my least favorite movie (this is especially hard since I usually black them out and erase all memories of bad movies). Oh. I came up with one. This might get me in trouble aha- but I really didn’t like La La Land. In fact, I hated it. To me, there were just so many things wrong with it- I really wanted to like it, too! I even watched it twice, in hopes I would see the same thing as the majority of people saw in it. But it’s just crap. Sorry not sorry.Image result for lala land

What is your favourite childhood book series?Image result for lizzie mcguire comics

Judy Bloom was my shit. Also those fairy books I mentioned before, and those Lizzie McGuire comics. I also read the Alex Rider series, which was bomb af (+ it made me feel cool because I didn’t know any other girl to read that series, only dudes)(she was a sk8r boi, she said see you l8r boi)
How does it feel to be in your last year of being a teenager?

SHIT. (wait- that’s not how it feels, that was just my reaction)(it’s not shitty, I’m fine, I’m great). I honestly didn’t even realize that’s where I am at this point in my life, so fuck me. Honestly, I feel like a fake adult. Like: adulting, who me? Some people I met this month guessed I was 22 or 24, so that’s 5 years down the drain, ouch. Actually I found it reassuring because I always think I look like I’m 12 (says everyone my age). ANYWAYS, yah no it’s chill, I’m not really the ‘typical teenager type’. Like I was meant for my 20’s. Bring on the 20’s bb.
Do you play any games? Board, card, computer, or video?

HAHA- oh Jesus. Yes, I grew up on games (she was a gamer boi, she said where’s my game boy)(now that was really something). My older brother has always played games so I grew up watching him and being obsessed with watching other people play games (probably why I watch so many let’s play videos on YouTube). Personally, I’m a lil bish and like to play games that are casual af. I dig the Sims (are you cringing yet), We Need to go Deeper, Ultimate Chicken Horse, Golf with Friends, and recently ToonTown Rewritten (because ToonTown was MY ISH back in the day and it’s been such a nostalgia trip). Plus, I’ll literally play any board game because that’s how my grandma taught me to be. Card games are iffy.
Would you rather fight a horse or a duck?Image result for duck zoom in gif

I love animals so much I would cry either way. I’d probably verbally fight a duck because I feel like they could take it. Ducks seem like they have seem some shady shit. That duck mafia is the real deal, let me tell you.

1) Coke or Pepsi? Coke, fuck Pepsi and their quirky commercials.
2) Showers or baths? Showers! Bathes are you floating in your own dirty water, I’ll pass. (bath bombs fix everything tho)(bath bombs are magic)
3) Where were you born? In a hospital around here somewhere- lol I literally forgot so that’s dope. California.
4) Favourite animal? CAT, GIRAFFE, ALL OF THEM.
5) Messy or organised? I’m a mess (no one is surprised by this statement), but I like organized people (hey bf, how you doing, you organized babe)

  • Cheila: (these were from my Q&A back in May lol)(I said I would answer them in a future one! I stuck to my word!)(Rip me)

How can you keep your hair color looking so perfect? How can you make it look so healthy? (Such a strong color tends to dry your hair)

AHA, perfect? (looks at my obvious roots) You’re funny, girl. Honestly, the ends of my hair get pretty dry at times, but in general I just do the bare minimum. Shampoo, condition, brush it out, the end. I rarely use any heat (not because it’s Image result for hair shed gifbad for my hair but because I’m a lazy bish). To be real with you, I lose a lot of hair HAHA. I have super thick hair (oh, she thicc), so it’s not noticeable at all, but literally everywhere I go, I shed. Check everyone of my friends’ houses- you will find my hair. What a charmer, am I right?
You’re usually super calm and chill, what makes you angry/sad?

This is true as fuck. I’m a really chill person in general, and I let A LOT of things go because I’m not a sensitive bish. I hate sensitive people- like they are a serious pet peeve of mine. I dismiss a lot, but if you continuously do the same shit after I have addressed it- bye bish. I just cut them out, Image result for chill gifbecause I’m too chill to be messing with drama in my life. Another thing is ignorance- that gets me fired up. (that being said, I rarely act on it because I don’t fight with ignorance)(instead I rant to my bf who is an actual saint)(okay, not actually, but pretty much).
What is your favorite type of post to read?

Posts where it is incredibly clear that the author is being their genuine self. I’m not a fan of people dancing around what their trying to say, or basic posts. I like seeing things I’ve never seen before. (she says as she writes a Q&A)(creative!)

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my answers, I had a lot of fun writing them! I love Q&A’s because they feel so personal and I get to share a little bit more of me with you guys(: Once again, thank you to the lovely people who participated and asked me questions, you guys are amazing! Feel free to answer any of these questions in the comments below if you so desire- I love getting to know you guys as well!


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28 thoughts on “Celebratory Q&A (6.29.17)

  1. I love 500 Days of Summer! I am a fan of both Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and when I found out they were in a movie together I immediately wanted to check it out 😀
    Thanks for answering my questions, I would love to see you verbally fight a duck!
    Congrats again on 500!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohmygosh me too bb! Zooey Deschanel is my ultimate favorite actress and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is so freaking adorable aha.
      I would literally have single tears streaming down my face as I fought a duck😂playing it cool. Thank you again bb!💜

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for answering my question! I’ve never watched 500 Days of Summer, but I’ve heard of it. Once I was bored on a 9 hour airplane ride, and I started to watch La-la-land, but then I got confused at the beginning. Why are people dancing on top of cars lol?

    Liked by 1 person

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