Cool Things that Happened in June (7.4.17)

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Ayy it’s the forth of July! (That probably means nothing to a lot of you)(lol it’s cool) America, frick yah! What a wonderful day to look back at the past and how America became independent- jk let’s look at the past month because that’s as much history as I can take (Can you tell history isn’t really my thing, or is it not blunt enough?)(Fuck history)(There, much better). June was filled with a lot of cool things (some of which I forgot to take pictures of because hi I can barely remember my name, so how am I expected to remember to take pictures?), so I’m just going to go straight to it!

  • Exploring beach caves!IMG_0509

Me and the bf went out and about on the first day of June to go explore some local beach caves, and they were so cool! There weren’t many people there (I don’t think the caves are too well known) so it was super chill and calm. The only part that was slightly terrifying was that there were so many fallen boulders that must’ve rolled down the insane cliff- so I was on the look out lol.


  • Friend’s Art Show!

One of my friends asked me to work at her art show, and it was pretty dope. Honestly, I hang out with a lot of art majors and they talk a lot of art, so I was a little out of my element- but it was super fun getting to know some artsy fartsy people! Not to mention, art shows are way cooler when you know the artist(:

  • “Dance with Films” at the Chinese theatre in HollywoodIMG_6118!

This also had to do with a friend aha. Basically one of my friends makes short films and one of them got into this cool film festival at the Chinese theatre. He wasn’t going one day so he let me and the bae use his passes for the day! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see his film at the festival because it was the wrong day (I’ve seen it before but I wanted to see the reactions from the audience lol), but it was still a lot of fun! I got to see a lot of unique short films- the only thing was the majority of them were really sad or morbid (but I think that’s just an artsy fartsy thing, I don’t know man). (The picture is from the top level-ish of the mall at a cool waffle place called Waffle Jack)

  • Birthday Escape Room!

A lot of you already know this one, but I went to an escape room for my birthday! + We escaped, so it’s an extra cool thing that happened this month aha. It was actually really interesting to see how my friend group would work out in a stressful situation (honestly, not very well and super dysfunctional- but we escaped!) At one point, my friend and I were sick of trying to work with the others so we just hung around in a corner room while everyone was freaking out to find a button- turned out it was right next to me and was a literal “oh what’s this” kind of a moment. Overall, it was a lot of fun, and I think it convinced us all to give it another go at a ‘horror’ escape room for Halloween!

  • First WeddingIMG_6191

I went to my first wedding! (she said at the solid age of 19) It’s never too late to go to your first wedding aha (I mean, I thought I’d be a flower girl for my first wedding but no one seemed to want to get married when I was the appropriate age, so shame on everyone else). Weddings are interesting, man. Super emotional. It was the first time in my life that I actually cried tears of happiness (I figured happy tears were fake lol, well I figured wrong). It was a beach wedding (how very California of them) and we blew bubbles instead of throwing rice at the end(: Super cute.

  • Went to a friend’s musical!IMG_6458.JPG

One of my friends helped with tech on a high school production of The Lion King. It was a little uncomfortable seeing people from my high school theater class performing (let’s just say those were some of the worst times of my high school career), but it was nice to go and see a live show. There’s something about the ‘live’ factor that makes plays and musicals so much better than a movie. I also got some gummy worms as a snack at intermission and thought of all of you guys lol.

  • Saw The Book of Mormon at the Pantages theater in Hollywood!IMG_6470

Another musical! Can’t get enough musicals! (I feel a little bit like my girl Pamela aha). This. Show. Was. Beautiful. It was so me, I died laughing. Just ‘Spooky Mormon Hell Dream’. Listen to that song and tell me this musical wasn’t meant for me. My fam and I went to the show on father’s day, so it was like a two in one aha (my dad also decided the best thing to do on father’s day was to teach his kids stick shift)(ayy it’s ya girl, driving 10 mph in parking lots only, aka don’t fuck with me or ima mess you up)

  • Blogging everyday!

You all know how this went if you read my last post, but I’m glad I went through with it. I learned a lot and got a lot of ish done, so woot woot for that! Also, I did my first colab, which turned out to be dope af! Plus, 500 followers happened so bless up for that! Lastly, the wormal Instagram account is giving me life.

Overall, June was crazy and filled to the brim with constant ish happening. I had a great time being busy as hell and doing new + fun things this month. How did your June go?


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18 thoughts on “Cool Things that Happened in June (7.4.17)

  1. I always seem to be the first to show up on your posts. I’m showing my stalker status 😂
    Anyway, June seems like it was so much fun! You got to do so much things! All I do is work and blog. Anyway, my first wedding I went to was when I was 18 or 19 too. I didn’t get too emotional though, it was a friend of my mum’s I didn’t know too well, and I came for the free food. I got super emotional at my own wedding though ahahaha. More people around me need to get married so I can go to more 😀

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    1. Aha love ya girl #foreverfirst haha and yah it was quite the month! Yah I guess if you don’t know the people getting married too well it’s not that big of a deal(: and hell yah wifey haha I agree people need to get on that ish😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It looks like it was a great month!! You’ve been blogging everyday? Omg I missed so many things on the internet, ohh 😦
    And I’m about to follow your Instagram!! XD
    Oh and HUGE CONGRATS on 500 follows!!!!! You deserve 3 times more!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Damn girl, you’re a socialite. You went to a wedding, an art show, a musical, a film festival. You’re like worm Hilton. I’m happy you had a good month. I was a ring-bearer at my auntie’s wedding when I was about 6 or 7. They’re divorced now lol I have been to so many weddings but I only go to see the bride’s dress and for the food lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HAHA I’m actually dying at being a ‘socialite’- pretty sure every one of my friends irl would disagree with that but I’ll take it aha worm Hilton HAHA yessss ❤ and baby Alli would've been so jealous that you got to be a part of a wedding + I totally agree that weddings are all about the dress and food.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Sounds like a good month! My June was good too, mostly because I didn’t work. I went to my parents’ house using only buses and trains, I saw relatives I don’t get to see often, I had another awesome party at my house, I visited a museum I hadn’t been to before, and I made some responsible adult decisions. But I think you knew all that already.

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