Oh Hey (8.24.17)

Oh hey worms,

So this is weird. I mean it’s only weird if you make it weird, which I’ve done, so cool. Great start am I right? If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been gone for awhile (lol no one noticed)(everyone’s like, ‘who dis bish’). ‘Awhile’ meaning around 2 months. Cute.Β Image result for oh hey gifI know Alli from 4 months ago would be screaming about this random absence, but lol good thing she’s not here to witness it (like bye bish).

Let’s be real (because that’s one thing I believe I’m pretty good at), there wasn’t some clear reason for my disappearance off the face of the blogosphere- which sucks because I’d love to be like GUYS ITS NOT MY FAULT, but like nah bish, you done goofed. Honestly, a break was needed, which I know you guys understand. On one of my last posts I expressed how I felt like I was blogging way too much for my sanity, and you guys were hella supportive (Quick question, is ‘hella’ acceptable still? Because I’ve been saying it a lot and I need to know) and told me to only blog when I felt like it. So, I didn’t feel like it. Plain and simple. There were many times when a part of me thought it was selfish to just leave blogging, and another part of me was like ‘fuck it’. Yah, ‘fuck it’ worked for awhile (*cough cough* 2 months *cough*);Image result for fuck it gifBut the thing is, I’ve missed this blog. Mostly, I just missed the people I’ve gotten to know through blogging, and reading about their lives. You all are great people, and it’s hard not to miss great people.

To be blunt with you (another thing I’m pretty good at), I don’t like talking to a lot of people. I find small talk to be boring and exhausting, but mostly I hate how it feels like in every relationship there is this unspoken system of having to be polite, likeable or cookie-cutter before getting into anything deep or real.

And that’s where blogging kind of changes the game. When I post, I don’t post like I’m talking to strangers, I just write whatever the fuck I want. My blog is very real, which I take pride in. But the biggest thing is that you guys get to know me way faster than any in-person encounter. We get to go into deep concepts quicker and people are more Image result for happy heart gifwilling to be real with me, which I really respect.

Any who, all this rambling is basically just me saying ‘yo, I missed you guys’ and ‘I’m back bitches’.

That all being said, a lot can happen in 2 months people! (I mean Ke$ha came out with some actually respectable music, bish the world has changed) So, what about you guys? I’m genuinely interested in how you guys have been while I was gone, so here a few questions I would love you guys to answer in the comments:

  • Last I heard, some of you guys were talking about starting YouTube channels? Did anyone actually go through with it? If so, ima hit that ish up so quick.
  • What’s your favorite song been lately? Mine has been Sour Candy by Melt.
  • Are you guys going back to school? Because ME TOO, SAME, ME THO. What classes are you taking? Enlighten me, you scholarly worms you.
  • How’s the fam? Good? Good.
  • HOW ARE ALL OF YOUR BLOGS DOING? I hope you all got a million followers or some crazy shit while I was gone.

You people best be typing up a storm in that comment section. Be selfish people, we have a lot to catch up on.

-AlliImage result for wave gif

Instagram: @wormal.bish


33 thoughts on “Oh Hey (8.24.17)

  1. Yay, welcome back!! πŸ˜€ Don’t worry, we all need breaks sometimes, the good thing is you’re back!!
    And here’s my answers:
    My fave song lately is…. idk there’s a lot of them I’m really into lately.
    I’m going back to school on september 13th.
    My summer has been great! I went to Mexico to visit my fam. So I guess that replies to both of your questions, the fam is good. How about yours? How was YOUR summer?
    And my blog is doing well, thanks! πŸ˜€

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    1. Reginaaaaa ❀ I see you've changed your username since last time I saw aha I dig it(: good to know music has been treating you well aha, good luck for September 13th bb! ❀ Ayyy Mexico is bomb af! So is fam! What was your favorite part of your trip? Also my fam is good aha thank you so much for asking(: also my summer was a real rush but I'm a bit glad it's over, I like the routine that comes with school(: and hell yah bb your blog is amazing!!

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      1. Thank you so much!!!! It’s actually my name, I feel like it’s better to have that one! πŸ™‚ Glad you like it!!
        And thank you!
        My fave part was probably going to Six Flags!! πŸ˜€
        And yeah, I also love the school routine!! πŸ˜€
        And thank you so so much, your blog is amazing too!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ❀

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      2. Ooh that’s awesome! And six flags sounds like a blast! I haven’t been in ages aha they have some p intense rides am I right? Also you’re the sweetestπŸ’œlove ya girl!

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  2. Missed you!!! Everyone needs a break every once in awhile so I’m glad you got one! Haha to answer your questions:
    Totally started a YouTube channel haha.
    Favorite song has been Jessie J’s Bang Bang lols.
    Yup! I start classes next week. Organizational Management as well as Financial & Managerial Accounting. I’m going back for my MBA!
    Summer’s been good but I can’t wait until it’s socially acceptable to wear boots again.
    The fam is good hahaha.
    And the blog is good! Not at a million yet but doing well overall! πŸ™‚

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    1. MY DEAREST PAMELA BB ❀ you have been quite missed as well aha so so much! Also I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic or not about the youtube haha if not bb I need to know, if so bb what happened aha. Bang Bang is a goodie, girl! I support it haha. And oh dang those classes tho. Does MBA stand for Masters in Business and Accounting? (just a guess lol watch it stand for My Beautiful Ass or something ahaha). And BLESS for boots, sneakers are getting a bit old. And hell yah for fam haha ❀ and aw I'm glad the blog is going strong(: you deserve it bb

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  3. Hello!! Hello!! πŸ˜€ ❀

    My answers…
    ~ No, I haven't
    ~ Oh, I like lots of songs. Lately Polish singers record great songs and I like lots of them but I won't tell you the tittles cause you for sure don't know this songs and you wouldn't understand my ethnic language, hahaha. From "English" songs I like e.g. "Sign of the times" by Harry Styles or Alan Walker's songs.
    ~ I'll come back to school on the 1st of September… *Ahhhh, I don't want it!!*. I'll be now in the second class of middle school (I'm 14) and the Polish word of this "stape" is GIMNAZJUM πŸ˜€
    ~ I think my summer was nice. It could be better but it wasn't bad so I should be glad, haha πŸ™‚
    ~ I don't know, hahaha xD
    ~ Oh, oh, oh… My blog isn't doing very well… I have got only 14 followers. I'm trying have more all the time but it's difficult!! I'm reactivating my blog and I created an account on Bloglovin' so maybe followers will come soon.

    I'm glad you've come back! πŸ™‚ I'm waiting for your new posts (and for your reply for this comment, hahaha)!
    Have a nice evening ❀


    1. Hello Hello! aha ❀ and ooh I like Sign of the Times as well! I haven't listened to it in awhile so thank you for reminding me about it! And aw man you gotta live it up while you still can aha September 1st is coming up real soon//: And aw man I'm sorry about the blog, I'm not on Bloglovin', otherwise I would follow you in a heartbeat bb ❀ do you have a wordpress by chance? Or an Instagram? Ima hit you up girl aha ❀ ❀


      1. Thanks!! ❀ No, I haven't got WordPress or Instagram either. My blog is on Blogspot, cause it's the most popular "site" or smth like that, I don't know how I should name it, hahahahah

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    1. Thank you bb! ❀ I hadn't heard of neck deep before but they're pretty good man, I dig their vibe aha. Ooh moving to uni sounds fun! I'm glad your summer has been bomb(: mine was pretty good itself but I'm glad to get back into routine ya feel?

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  4. Alli!! It’s so nice to read your posts again! I’ve missed hearing your rambles πŸ˜€
    It seemed like you needed a blogging break from what I recall of your previous posts, so I’m glad you went and got one. Plus you’re in summer, so you should be off and relaxing, although you’re back in study now right??
    I’ve been listening to lots of Halsey lately just cause I keep going down that rabbit hole. The fam is good. Summer I’m still waiting for. The blog is still chugging along. πŸ˜€

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    1. AngelaaaaaπŸ’œπŸ’œ I always forget you’re in a whole different season than me aha crazy man and HELL YAH HALSEYYYYπŸ™πŸΌglad about the fam, love fam, all about fam haha. Love you girl and it’s good to hear from you(: you’re forever my blog queen ahaha

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    You’ve missed quite a bit from when you were gone, I actually made a new blog ( I was previously All The Jazz if you remember! ) because I was no longer happy with my old one!
    As to the answers to your questions:
    My favourite song…New Rules by Dua Lipa has been my guilty pleasure for weeks now!
    I’m going back to school on September 6th and I’m not very excited about that. The only fun thing about the growing threat of back to school was stationary shoppingπŸ˜‚
    My summer’s been awesome! I’ve been to Liverpool and chilled at home, it’s just been pretty funπŸ˜„
    How was your Summer? I’ve missed you and your postssss❀

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    1. JASMINE!! ❀ I actually remember the blog name changing(: I think I left like right after you changed it lol my bad. I haven't heard that song but I'll definitely look it up! And damn girl I feel with that love for stationary aha I don't even use a lot of stationary so why haha. I'm glad you're Summer has been bomb af! Mine was v short but still p good(: I've missed you tooooo bb ❀ for real aha


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