Fun Facts About Your Hot Bod (10.19.17)

Hey worms,

So what the fuck is that title, am I right? Basically, I’ve been really enjoying/stressing-over/rip my physiology class this semester (which is basically how your body works when it’s healthy, but we also throw in some instances with disease, which is the actual fun part lol). I’ve been really enjoying the class and learning a lot of random facts here and there about the body, but even other random ish- so this is me, sharing this fun af knowledge with you people.Image result for eyebrows gif

Fun Facts (that are fun to me and hopefully to you too):

  • If you cut out your entire digestive system and then put it back in your body, it would still be able to work without any neurons attached (aka, your digestive system can function on it’s own without your brains help!)(it’s a strong, independent bish!)
  • While the human heart consists of 4 chambers (2 atria and 2 ventricles), a frog’s heart only has 3 (2 atria and 1 ventricle)(this is especially crazy that it only has one ventricle because the ventricle is what pumps the blood out of the heart and throughout the entire body, so it needs a lot of strength!)
  • The human body has one floating bone (meaning it’s not attached to any other bones) called the hyoid bone!
  • When you cry, you are actually crying out the chemicals in your body that are inhibiting your serotonin and dopamine and other neurotransmitters that make you happy!
  • Your immune system is all about your white blood cells fighting off diseases, one type of white blood cell is called a macrophage who will kill an intruding cell and then show the corpse of that cell through it’s body so that the other white blood cells know what to attack! It’s like they freaking wear the corpses as a warning- bishes, don’t f with me. (also there is one white blood cell called a cytotoxic T cell, which literally tells cells to kill themselves, and they do! “Apoptosis”)
  • Your liver has over 500 known functions! Literally wtf.
  • Babies born with high amounts of unconjugated bilirubin in their system will actually be treated with lights that look like Christmas lights hanging around them, since the light helps conjugate the bilirubin. (super trendy, very tumblr)
  • In Parkinson’s disease, the reason the person can appear tan is because their body is making a lot of adrenocorticotropic hormone, which is made from the POMC gene. This POMC gene also makes melanocyte-stimulating hormone, and melanin causes pigmentation in your skin! It’s kind of like a ‘what are the odds’ kind of situation.
  • There are two branches of our autonomic system, sympathetic (which is used in a flight or fight situation) and parasympathetic (which is used when we rest or digest). Our skin was made as a part of our parasympathetic division, but as we develop in the womb the sympathetic division takes over. Skin is a special exception where it acts out in a sympathetic reaction but is made like a part of the parasympathetic division!
  • Our hearts are tilted slightly down and to the left, with the apex pointing slightly forward (out from our body).
  • Giant squid neurons are actually macroscopic, meaning you can see them without a microscope!
  • There’s a tribe in Laos (the Hmong) who believe if you scream or moan during the birth of your child it will hurt the baby, so they literally don’t make a sound (except for praying or asking for things)!

Image result for knowledge gif

I hope someone found at least one of those things interesting haha,Ā I don’t know about you but I find anything cool when I learn it from someone who is passionate about the subject matter. Please leave some fun facts in the comments! I love learning new things, even if they are just little facts!


4 thoughts on “Fun Facts About Your Hot Bod (10.19.17)

  1. I knew almost none of these! The crying thing was the most interesting one to me, I always thought it had no purpose. Just liquid pouring out of your eyes for no reason. That physiology class sounds so fun though. I love learning all these little fun facts. If you have any more, definitely keep them coming šŸ˜€

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