2 Year Anniversary? (10.14.18)

Hey worms,

So weird story, randomly I decided to check my blog after a year of never even thinking about it and I get a notification that exactly 2 years ago I signed up to WordPress- and I feel obliged to write a post because of this odd coincidence.

To be honest, I’m insanely rusty at this and have no idea what I’m doing- how I did this so frequently and easily two years ago is a mystery to me. I just remember how easy it was to sit down and type something up that might be mediocre at best but people seemed to enjoy it? I can’t even imagine one person reading this, but may be that’s what will get me to write more, who knows, what an inspiring post, someone stop me.

First of all, why did I even look at my blog today? I guess I was just curious, and to be honest I have been thinking about it a little more lately because I see the WordPress app on my phone a lot and think to myself I should definitely delete this considering it just reminds me how I quit blogging and how I am a failure but I never deleted it because there’s always a little too much hesitation. I suppose I think back to all the good times I had while blogging and just can’t get myself to delete the app. It’s true, I genuinely enjoyed blogging (for those 6 months or so of scheduled posts and then turning into a shit show). I genuinely liked connecting with people online and posting things just to see how others felt on something or just to throw things at the wall to see if it stuck. Each post was like a little victory (or a little pointless failure when no one gave a fuck about a post, but who can blame them, it was most likely shit anyways). Blogging was just fun.

Part of me wants to blog again, but I’m not sure how I feel about it entirely. While it would be a lot of fun, I don’t want it to turn out the same way it did before- where I meet people online and have a great time but then burn myself out with posts and quit entirely. I think if I did start blogging again I would have to remind myself that there are no expectations of me unless I make them, and it should just be FUN. (drink every time you read the word “fun” in this post, what is wrong with me, get a thesaurus)

Anyways, I also have a slight worry that someone actually will read this, someone who may have read previous posts, and maybe they’ll think differently about me or like I’ve changed- which bitch I have but like in a good way. Then again, should I really let that get in my head? I mean no but it’s going to happen low key.

Long story short, it’s been cool seeing this blog age and seeing that some people still look at it. I hope it’s still enjoyable for those some. If anyone is reading this feel free to comment because why not. Image result for celebrate gif

Happy 2 years worms!



4 thoughts on “2 Year Anniversary? (10.14.18)

  1. Welcome back! (kind of?) it has literally been ages since you’ve been here but time flies fast y’know, and I think blogging is great until you put expectations upon yourself. Just write whenever you feel like it and then it doesn’t become a chore 😊 and if you don’t want to write too that’s cool, but obviously I’m going to be biased and be like come back!!

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  2. Well….I am reading this, and why would I think differently about you in any way? All I can say is…great to see a post from you again! 😊
    I have never stuck to any kind of schedule when it comes to blogging. It only gives you unneccesary pressure (and truthfully I would never be able to stick with it anyway because of my dayjob). So, I just write when I have time, and when I want to. Blogging is supposed to be fun to do! 😊😊
    All I can say is that I hope you consider coming back, but only if you want to yourself. In any case it’s just very nice to see you here again! 😊😊


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