My Thoughts on School Dress Code [COLAB] (6.27.17)

Hey worms! I’d like to point out that I just painted my nails, so I am going to be typing this post very carefully with wet nails, because why would I think that far ahead? (I’m so smart it hurts sometimes). Anyways! Guys, I’m actually so excited for this post because it’s a colab! A… Continue reading My Thoughts on School Dress Code [COLAB] (6.27.17)

Speaking My Mind [Written Audio Clip](6.21.17)

Hey worms! So I decided to do something a little different for this post. Instead of just writing my thoughts, I decided I would speak them- to myself, alone, while coloring Pusheen (I swear I’m cool). Writing is good and all, but I feel like I’m even more genuine when I’m speaking my mind rather… Continue reading Speaking My Mind [Written Audio Clip](6.21.17)